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How Business Owners Can Design a Better Office Space for Everyone

How Business Owners Can Design a Better Office Space for Everyone
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    Designing an efficient and comfortable office space benefits everyone in your company.

    From storage to quality furniture, there are many important aspects of office space designs.


You can save a considerable amount of money by investing in adjustable shelving systems and purchasing used office furniture. You can boost morale by creating an enjoyable break area. These four tips will help you get started on designing a great office space.

Developing a Comfortable Break Area

A comfortable break area helps your workers to feel comfortable during their break and lunch times. Consider flexible seating arrangements that allow your staff to have lunchtime meetings. Set up a coffee maker, filtered water dispenser and a refrigerator. Promote healthy eating by including vending machines with healthier choices such as beef jerky or trail mix. Include a microwave so employees can bring lunches from home.

Purchasing Used Office Furniture

Purchasing used office furniture allows everyone in your workplace to be comfortably outfitted in order to do their work. Some companies like D&R Office Works, Inc., know that many times, used office furniture can be affordable. This means that you could buy higher quality materials such as an oak or mahogany conference table or leather-upholstered chairs. Used office furniture is a good solution if you need to provide many employees with a workstation all at the same time.

Creating Storage Solutions

Good office designs involve helpful storage solutions. A storage solution makes it easy for your employees to find office supplies such as note pads and pens. Consider cabinets with adjustable shelves. Cubbies that are labeled with their contents are also a good solution. Consider plastic bins that can hold small items such as paperclips and thumbtacks.

Setting up Stations

Make it easier for your employees to do what needs to be done by setting up stations. For example, set up a printing station at the common networked printer by having paper, extra toner, a stapler, staples, paperclips, binder clips and pens together. At the recycling station, have a recycle can, shredding container, trash container and guidelines on what is recyclable. Keep a container nearby for people to remove paperclips, staples and sticky notes.

Designing a comfortable office space does not have to bust your corporate budget. The money that you save by purchasing used office furniture can go toward high-efficiency appliances for your break room and quality shelving systems for your common spaces. Your employees will appreciate the effort that you put into developing a better office space for the entire organization.



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