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5 Mistakes New Business Owners Often Make When Hiring New Employees

5 Mistakes New Business Owners Often Make When Hiring New Employees
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    Business owners spend many hours reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, but that doesn't stop them from making some critical mistakes when hiring new talent.


Avoid wasting your time hiring the wrong person and consider these common mistakes business owners make when adding members to their teams.

Hiring Family or Friends

When you have a friend or family member seeking employment, business owners may feel obligated to hire them. If they are not qualified for the position being filled, this not only puts the relationship at risk, but it compromises the company’s best interest. When filling open positions, refrain from hiring family members or friends unless they are the best candidate for the job, regardless of the relationship.

Not Doing Thorough Background Checks

For large corporations, a background check is pretty standard when getting hired for a new position. But, smaller companies may not find it necessary to do so. This could cause problems for business owners who choose to skip the background check on new employees. You never know what could show up on someone’s background check, but if a potential employee has a history of stealing or other crime that could ruin the business you worked hard to build, you may find yourself regretting not taking that extra step. Companies like PeopleFacts can help with your screening needs to protect your company.

Conducting Poor Interviews

An interview is a special time to see if the potential employee would be a good fit for your company, but it needs to go deeper than simply getting along well. If you’re not taking the time to see if the individual is actually capable of doing the job, you will likely be looking to fill that same position in a matter of weeks.

Not Understanding What Your Business Needs

You may know you need another team member without knowing exactly what that team member’s job description should be. If you hire before understanding the details of the job, everyone will be confused about their job description.

Not Doing Enough Interviews

A first impression is not always the right one. Some people have good days, and one good meeting doesn’t mean every meeting will run as smoothly. Interview potential candidates in different settings and different times to get a realistic perception.

Adding a new employee can be a difficult and stressful experience, but only becomes more difficult and stressful when the wrong person is hired. Beware of these common mistakes when hiring your next employee.



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