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How to Help Your Small Clinic Rise above the Competition

How to Help Your Small Clinic Rise above the Competition
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    There are many benefits that can come from operating a small, physician-owned healthcare practice.

    Many healthcare professionals would choose to spend their entire career in this type of environment if they could manage it.


What follows is a basic guide for those who wish to start a new practice or help their existing small clinic rise above the competition.

Use Social Media to promote your Clinic

How can you characterize your clinic’s web presence? Are you easily found by those looking for the services you provide? Do you have a dedicated website? Are you sufficiently active on social media so you can draw attention to it? Social media is a valuable and low-cost form of marketing and empowers you by letting you spend less time (and money) reaching the people who can benefit most from hearing your message. The major search engines monitor social media traffic patterns and will often reward website owners with higher rankings when they are active on social media.

Streamline Your Revenue Cycle Processes

Various changes in healthcare industry trends have impacted provider reimbursement over the past several years. These changes have influenced the bottom line for providers who accept Medicaid and those that are subject to negotiated fee-for-service contracts from third-party payers. In the absence of solid foundation on which to administer revenue cycle processes, your clinic may not be able to achieve optimal revenue conditions. The ideal revenue cycle begins with a streamlined patient scheduling system, and continues with a clearly written financial policy that all patients can easily understand. Finally, your newly streamlined revenue cycle should feature a technologically up-to-date medical record documentation system.

Medical Licensing and Healthcare Licensing Systems and Services

Medical licensing ensures that citizens in your state receive quality health care in regulated facilities. Your State’s Bureau of Community and Health Systems (or equivalent body) performs licensing and certification duties as required by law. Your Bureau’s mission is to protect the health and welfare of people receiving care from licensed and certified healthcare providers and regulates health care settings in connection with the quality of care and investigates complaints filed by consumers and other regulatory agencies.

Healthcare providers seeking licensure must undergo a complicated process of obtaining the licenses needed to practice. Healthcare licensing systems and services like MedPro Systems exist to help providers navigate the process of obtaining a license from their state Medical Boards. Services provided by such systems include real-time results for researching HCP types, application completion assistance, MedPro Concur Connect access, and accessibility to different medical information databases. The primary function of most these are to see  that your medical license application progresses smoothly through the application process.

Depending on the type, size, and scope of the medical practice you are managing, it may be necessary for you to assign a staff member to work full or part-time on business development functions. In adopting the foregoing suggestions, you, the small clinic operator, can ensure that your developing practice can thrive in an increasingly competitive and constantly changing healthcare industry.



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