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Startup Dilemma: 5 Common Issues and Their Respective Solutions

Startup Dilemma: 5 Common Issues and Their Respective Solutions
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    The Founder's Dilemma is an issue that all startups will have to deal with at some point.


Whether it’s making the decision to get the right hires, finding ways to make a team work more effectively together or making that crucial decision to grow your business, these are all choices that can affect your ability to function effectively. There are numerous problems that can plague a startup company, but you can better prepare for these issues by planning for them in advance.

Deciding When to Launch

Determining the right time to launch your company is an important first step. If you’re passionate about an idea, but don’t have the right experience then you may not be ready to start your company. If you’ve already started, you’re going to need to be smart about hiring the right people who can help make your business idea really take off. This might mean hiring a human resources specialist, manager or marketing professional.

The Decision to Go It Alone

All new business owners must decide if they should go it alone or hire employees. The decision to hire an employee is one that will depend on your potential market reach. If an extra employee can help you fulfill orders and spin a profit, it makes sense to bring in more team members. However, it may also be easier to go it alone in the initial stages to remain extremely flexible and mobile.

Creating a Mission Statement

You’re going to get entrenched in the business when it starts to take off. If you’re not careful, you’ll begin to forget what made you want to begin a business in the first place. When this happens, you’ll have to do some careful soul-searching to remember why you wanted to start the business in the first place. This is why a mission statement is so critical. It helps to guide your company decisions, and it can let you know when you’re drifting from your founding principles.

Instilling a Sense of Team

Teamwork is essential to becoming a successful company. One way to instill a sense of team is to provide uniforms for all of your employees. This will help your employees to treat the company more seriously, and it helps give your company a unified look that it can present to the public. For instance, offers professional uniforms for all your employees.  If you’ve ever been to a retail store where employees don’t have uniforms, you’ll understand how there a uniform can make employees feel like they belong to a team.

Dealing with Security Issues

You want to be able to trust your employees, but you’ll start to realize you need to protect your interests as your company grows. Training employees in the latest security procedures can help you to prevent common security problems. Hiring a professional that can help set up an effective security system is important, but you also must train your employees to recognize common social engineering attacks and to protect company secrets.

By planning how your business will progress and mapping out each stage of development, you can prepare for the uncertainties of building your company. With the right planning, your company will be able to grow and persevere through any challenge.



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