Employment Basics Every Executive Should Know

Employment Basics Every Executive Should Know
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    One of the biggest challenges new business owners and executives who have recently received their position face is understanding how to hire people and what policies should be in place during the hiring process.


Employment policies and procedures allow executives to have a systematic way to deal with issues that arise during the employment process and after an employee has been hired. Their goal is to create a fair environment where all employees are treated in a consistent manner.

Getting the Right People for the Right Job

The goal of the job interview is to hire the best people possible. To accomplish this, the interview process must be the best that it can be. Executives should first understand what they need from an employee. This includes their credentials, experience, and qualifications. Next, they should be able to thoroughly explain the process to every individual during the interview. The interviewee should know where the interview will take place and who they will be interviewing with. There should be no surprises, no loose ends.

Conducting an Interview, Not an Interrogation

A good interview will be more like a conversation and less like an interrogation. But the question is, how can you conduct an interview with someone you know nothing about? The answer is getting to know as much about the candidate beforehand as you can. This will allow you to ask the appropriate questions while giving the candidate enough room for self-analysis or introspection.

Confirming the Interviewee’s Identity

A part of getting to know the candidate is making sure that they are who they claim to be. An ID verification check is an excellent tool that executives and business owners can use to verify the identity of the individual they are hiring, as well as verifying other pieces of information the interviewee supplies during the interview process. Professionals, like those at PeopleFacts, know that employers want to have peace of mind in knowing who they’re hiring. Verifying all the facts that the interviewee states is always recommended.

After the Hiring Process

Once a new employee has been hired, policies should be in place that address things like equal opportunity, dignity at work, and procedures to deal with disciplinary actions and grievances. Health and safety guidelines should be in place in harmony with what OSHA and other governmental agencies have outlined for the job being done. Additionally, a code of conduct or rules specific to your organization should be given to the employee so they understand what is required of them.

Hiring and managing employees is one of the biggest challenges executives and business owners face. However, with advanced preparation, it is a challenge that they can meet head-on.



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