What to Pay Attention to in Your Healthcare Facility to keep it Compliant

What to Pay Attention to in Your Healthcare Facility to keep it Compliant
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    A healthcare facility can be defined as a facility that directly or indirectly provides care to individuals and include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, surgical centers, birthing centers, and dental offices.

    These facilities are required by state and federal laws to comply with safety regulations cited by EPA, OSHA, CDC and NIOSH regulatory agencies.


If you are struggling keeping your doors open and compliant with all these regulations make sure you keep the below steps in mind.

Issues to Pay Attention to in Order to Maintain Compliance

Maintaining compliance in any business or industry takes time, effort and vigilance. In any healthcare facility, there are numerous details that affect compliance ratings. It’s important that a healthcare facility staff member be knowledgeable and experienced in regulatory affairs as they pertain to municipal, county, state and federal compliance regulations. There are certain issues to pay attention to in your healthcare facility to keep it compliant which include OSHA worker safety and workplace safety regulations, NIOSH training for nursing staff, patient safety, handling and care, and proper disposal of hazardous material

OSHA Standards

With regard to worker safety cited under OSHA regulations, workers are often exposed to health and safety hazards with potential for serious impact. These exposures include respiratory hazards, lifting, and tasks that require repetitive movements and drug and chemicals.

Other exposures include radioactive materials such as X-rays and MRIs, anesthetic gases for surgical procedures, pathogens from urine and blood tests and samples and exposure to hazardous biological materials. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and diagnostic testing centers that perform laboratory research and testing can cause excessive exposure to alcohol, formaldehyde, and other chemicals used to preserve testing specimens.

NIOSH Training for Nursing Staff and Patient Safety, Handling and Care

The CDC (Center for Disease Control) provides NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) training for proper handling and care of patients to protect nursing staff and patients from issues that may be a potential hazard such as clutter in healthcare work areas and ergonomic use of mechanical devices such as ceiling mounted or mobile body lifts. Make sure work areas are clear and clean and that you have processes to handle any messes.

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Materials

In many healthcare facilities, it is important to pay attention to disposal of hazardous materials. These materials include hypodermic needles, tubing, syringes, tissue and culture dishes and flasks, human blood and tissue samples, biohazardous materials containing chemical contaminants and the containers in which these materials are used prior to disposal.

You should also be getting safe and tested supplies and equipment from trusted manufacturers. Nelson Laboratories technical consulting offers a breadth of experience to Med Tech companies so they can deliver safe and effective products to market. Make sure your supplies are up to standard and have been tested as well.

It is important for all healthcare facilities to study the potential for non-compliance by determining the issues most related to functions and duties performed daily. When you are prepared and have the right training, it shouldn’t be hard to keep things compliant with all the rules.



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