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5 Ways to Become More Successful at Hospitality Management

5 Ways to Become More Successful at Hospitality Management
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    One of the greatest problems with running a hotel or a restaurant lies in the issue of hospitality.


On the one hand, it’s a word and a notion that virtually everyone understands, then again, it’s something that’s impossible to quantify or measure. Furthermore, some people might interpret even the most welcoming staff as hostile, while they might have no trouble dealing with people who are much less assertive. Still, there are some ways in which you can give your organization that much-needed hospitality boost. Here are five of them.

It’s all about your staff

The first thing you should understand is the fact that your choice of staff may be pivotal to this whole ordeal. Sure, you can write down an all-encompassing set of rules and describe the ideal staff member’s manner of conduct to the letter. However, unless you have the team capable of following it through, it will all be in vain. People you hire have to be assertive, compassionate and even empathetic, at the same time. In other words, you’re looking for people who are both skilled and have the right attitude for the hospitality business.

Skill matters

Speaking of skills, there are certain requirements that your guests will expect your staff members to fulfill and a failure to do so will, no doubt, result in a disappointment. Keep in mind that just because a person is assertive, doesn’t mean they are a great fit for your hotel or a restaurant.

Think about it, a waiter who apologizes most sincerely every time they spill something on the guest should be a standard, yet, one who does spill things often enough isn’t a great waiter, to begin with. On the other hand, most positions in your hotel are entry-level jobs, which means that you should primarily focus on their willingness to improve than the skill set they initially started with.

Crunching numbers

The next issue with hospitality industry lies in the problem of guest incentives. Every now and then, you’ll be tempted to offer your guests a special discount, a coupon for a free massage at your spa or even treat them with a free dessert for no apparent reason. Over the course of years and with high enough volume of visitors, this might become quite a problem from the financial standpoint. For this reason alone, when outsourcing this function, you might want to look for an agency specialized in hospitality accounting. In this way, the margin of error reduces drastically.

The choice of the receptionist

Hotel layout can only do so much and the rest is on your staff. Nevertheless, remember that your guests aren’t there to mingle with your employees. They’re here to get as home-like experience as possible while on a vacation. In other words, your staff is there for their presence to be sensed but not seen. One of your employees they are bound to interact with is your receptionist and this person is crucial for the first impression your hotel will have on your guests. For this reason alone, your choice of the receptionist needs to be carefully made. They need not only to fit in the general reception area but become a true representative (some would even go as far as to say the embodiment) of your hotel.

Performing under pressure

From the outside, hospitality business seems like something laid-back, casual and spontaneous while, in reality, it’s everything but that. You would be surprised at just how much an average workday in a hotel can be hectic. Because of this, one of the greatest qualities that every great manager in this line of work needs to be able to perform well under pressure. As a manager, everyone will come to you for answers, even though you might not actually have them. This means that you have to become great at multitasking and juggling tasks that are completely different, both in terms of nature and urgency.


The last thing you have to understand is that becoming more successful at hospitality management doesn’t happen without first gaining an in-depth understanding about the industry. You’re not expected to do everything perfectly or, for that matter, everything right. There are certain aspects that your guests care more about than the others. While in some industries, the customer-is-always-right mentality no longer holds true, the world of hospitality management still can’t work on any other principle.

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