3 Tips for Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Services

3 Tips for Marketing Your Reseller Hosting Services
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    Many times people ‘fall into' reseller hosting as a fluke because they are trying to find a way to get a cheaper rate on their own hosting package and in the process learn about how easy it is to offer services from their own site.


Sometimes they simply begin by selling off a portion of the package they personally bought and when they see that there is money to be made, it’s time to go into business for yourself.

Reseller hosting is similar to affiliate marketing so if you understand what the strengths and weaknesses are in that kind of strategy, you’ll be very good at reseller hosting. The real difference is that a reseller purchases the package and then sells portions of it for a profit. An affiliate marketer simply links a customer through, getting a commission. Sometimes a reseller can do both at the same time, depending on how the parent company has their agreement drawn up.

Build on the Hosting Company’s Marketing

One thing you can do quite easily is build off the marketing that the hosting company has already established. Many times you can use the very same adverts with links that identify you as the reseller if that person should buy a package. Quite often a person is looking for cheap UK hosting and that’s just what you can give them as a reseller. That’s what you can target if you are looking to drive traffic to your site where you will then have an opportunity to resell some of the hosting you’re contracted for.

You can resell what you’ve bought and sometimes link through to the host where you are identified as the referral. You get a commission, the hosting company is happy and it can be a very lucrative association. But building on the hosting company’s marketing is just the beginning! There’s so much more you can do.

Have You Tried Google AdWords?

If you are having trouble driving traffic to your landing page where you offer hosting services, one thing you might try is Google AdWords. It can get quite a bit expensive if you haven’t yet made much with reseller hosting but if you choose less competitive words and phrases carefully you can keep the cost lower and drive a majority of those searching for those terms to your site.

Many startups began with less competitive AdWords until they began making a tidy profit. They then began using keywords that were more and more competitive over time. The key is to start small and grow as you go. This keeps the cost down and the results high.

Forums and Social Media

The beauty of joining forums and establishing a social presence is that you actually get to converse with people. You get to talk to them about the benefits of good and reliable hosting that doesn’t break the bank and you can answer any questions a potential customer might have. You can build trust as well and trust goes a very long way when it comes to marketing. Remember, advertising is only a small part of marketing which takes in everything from analytics to sales and everything in between. Social media puts you in the perfect position to build relationships that sell.

These are just three easy tips you can use to get you started in your new reseller hosting business. It may take some time to develop into a thriving business but with perseverance and a great hosting company to work with, the sky really is the limit!



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