How To Know When You Need a New Drainage System

How To Know When You Need a New Drainage System
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    A sometimes-overlooked aspect of building and property maintenance is the drainage system. This system is by no means a small part of preventing damage; it’s crucial to keep a watchful eye out for signs of potential degradation.


If your property has irregular or isolated water damage incidents, it may be beneficial to learn how to know when you need a new drainage system.

The Big Ones

These tell-tale signs are by no means subtle and often point to varying structural issues. Though the indicators for cause are more pronounced, fixing these issues will not guarantee that all underlying problems will vanish.

Nevertheless, they are important to look out for and resolve as soon as possible.


This type of damage has different fixable causes and often occurs in the lowest levels of the property. The size of the foundation will determine the scope of work needed to identify and fix the cause.

Water Stains

While water stains are less severe than actual flooding, they’re just as alarming. Water stains are signs of more minor leaks that can stem from any number of leaks lingering around the property.

To fix these, you’ll generally need to dig within the inner workings of the building.

Foundation Cracks

A few types of foundation cracks are as follows:

  • Vertical
  • Diagonal
  • Horizontal

Older buildings are more prone to severe variations when not properly maintained over time. However, cracks aren’t necessarily a need for worry, but you need to act when the damages grow.

Vertical cracks are in almost all deep foundation structures, and you can ignore them unless growth occurs. Diagonal and horizontal cracks form as a result of uneven foundation settings.

A change in underground conditions usually causes them, and they differ in treatment. While you can generally treat a diagonal crack by filling it—as you would a vertical one—a horizontal crack is a bit more severe and takes professional help to fix completely.

The Smaller Signs

When considering the benefits of proper water drainage, especially on commercial properties, it’s essential to catch these smaller signs in tandem with the larger ones to maintain structural and personal health.

Smell is a strong indicator of mold, which thrives in moist and dark areas. This issue can sometimes persist through repairs and requires you to deodorize the affected area.

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Sometimes water damage will lead to small openings for rodents to fit through. However, you can prevent further infestation by updating your drainage system and finding the entrances.

One more small indicator to look out for is the sound of what should be a silent drainage system. Gurgling can mean a blockage in the pipes and needs proper attention and priority.

Learning how to know when you need a new drainage system can prevent future structural failure. If you discover enough of these signs, it may be time to make an important but necessary change to your property.

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