Does Your Business Need to Work on Time Management?

Does Your Business Need to Work on Time Management?
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    Time management is critical for any business as it improves productivity and reduces waste.

    However, many business owners are not even aware that time management is a problem in their organization.


These common symptoms may indicate that your employees could benefit from time management training.

Unnecessary Meetings

Does it seem as if your day is filled with meetings that could have been handled with a phone call or email? Are you finding that when you attempt to contact an employee, they seem to always be “in a meeting?” It is possible that your staff is not using time properly if they are scheduling multiple meetings that may not be necessary. Initiate a “Right to Decline” option for all meetings so that employees can choose which they need to attend. You will soon discover what meetings are necessary and eliminate those that are not.

Rigid Work Schedules

Allowing employees to work remotely, either from home or another location, improves productivity and employee loyalty. In addition, when you don’t allow employees flexible work hours, you damage company morale. Allowing remote work schedules can also free office space as employees can share desks on days they will be in the office. There are many software services available that can help you set up “hot desking”. A Hot Desk program creates flexible workstation scheduling. When one employee works from home, another is able to use the workspace. By allowing employees to work from home, you provide them flexibility which can improve their time management skills. This type of software can also help with scheduling meetings too, which is especially important if your company or office building only has one or two rooms available for that purpose.

Too Many Distractions

Are emails filling inboxes at alarming rates in your company? Do you find your staff issuing 20-page policies that could be written in one? When you are in the office, are people constantly at your door, on the phone or reaching out to you so that you cannot focus on what you need to do? Perhaps you just see some people struggling to make their quotas within certain time constraints.

If any of these are true, you may benefit from time management training for your employees. It is possible that staff is not working together or that everything that lands on their desk is viewed as a priority. Time management training can help your staff identify priorities, organize their day and allow everyone to get more work done in less time.

If any of these sound like what is happening in your business, you may want to invest in time management training for all levels of your company. Adding options like working from home, reducing distractions and eliminating unnecessary meetings are the first steps in creating a more productive, satisfied staff.

Hannah Whittenly is a freelance writer and mother of two from Sacramento, CA. She enjoys kayaking and reading books by the lake. Hannah recommends using Add-On for your company’s hot desking needs.



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