4 B2B Tools To Help You Grow Your Business

4 B2B Tools To Help You Grow Your Business

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4.3 out of 5
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    Running a B2B company is different from running a B2C company.

    While some tools might be shared between these two forms of businesses, it is ideal that you use tools that are ideal for your B2B clients.


Here are three B2B tools to help you grow your business.


Calendly is a B2B tool that lets you schedule meetings, and it can be utilized in various ways to grow your company. The tool eliminates the requirement for back-and-forth emails between you, your clients, and your team.

Calendly is very flexible and allows for the group, collective, one-on-one, and round robin meetings where invitees can pick who they would wish to meet.

It lets companies schedule regular meetings with the right persons, giving room for efficient optimization of the business. Moreover, Calendly can be utilized as a sales acceleration and lead generation tool.

You can use it in the design of a responsive sales cycle, which eliminates the multiple inefficient emails and gets most of your leads on the telephone to turn them into essential customers.


Buzzsumo.com aids you in finding specific and relevant content topics and keywords that are highly likely to be viewed by clients on social media sites. This tool helps you in the creation of relevant content that can engage customers, implore them to share your content, and boost conversions using strategic CTAs.

Buzzsumo.com is also an exceptional competitor search tool, offering you insights into the most popular performance details and content of the competitors. All these will allow you to understand the multiple techniques and strategies that can assist you in ensuring your content gets to your target audience.


Creditriskmonitor.com is a website that will help you monitor financial risk in your B2B business. You can get predictive risk scores for companies you may want to work with. You can see a list of relationships to learn which businesses are financially impacted by a public parent corporation. You can also get alerts about private company bankruptcies. You can identify risk in your account receivables through their trade contributor program benefits.

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Email is still a reliable channel for increasing engagement, sales, and customer experience of B2B companies. Reply.io is a platform of sales automation that lets you deploy cold email campaigns that appear warm. It also allows you to run A/B tests on copies and subjects, do auto-follow ups sent depending on your schedule, set up triggered calls, and obtain detailed analytics that aid you in optimizing your reach.

The tool is ideal for all sizes of campaigns and can be used for purposes such as business development, inbound sales, account management, fundraising, and outbound sales.


Out of hundreds or even thousands of potential leads visiting your website only a few sign up or fill out your contact form. Thus, knowing exactly who your website visitors are can help you to decrease the number of unconverted leads and what’s more, turn them into paying customers.

Albacross is a powerful B2B Lead Generation Platform which offers the possibility for businesses to identify and monitor companies visiting their websites, get additional information on the unknown organizations including size, revenue, industry, location, and contact details.

Its seamless integration with Zapier provides the Albacross users with an access to a wide range of applications such as different CRM systems, email marketing tools, etc. Thus, you’ll be able to effortlessly export your targeted leads to your CRM system, email outreach tool, etc.


Business growth is happening faster and more strategic with technological tools that do most of the work for you. While you might have to engage your clients and perform other tasks, these tools will do most of the heavy lifting, leaving you to develop growth strategies.

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