Building Your Enterprise for 2017: 4 Specialists Every New Company Needs

Building Your Enterprise for 2017: 4 Specialists Every New Company Needs
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    Starting up a new business is an exciting and stressful time, and deciding what employees you'll need is a major part of the process.


Whether you hire them for the short term or as members of your staff, there are a number of specialists each business enterprise needs in order to take off and have the best chance of success. Let’s take a look at four of the specialists every new company needs to hire or be in contact with.

1. Tax Professional

Your accountant might be able to double as this role, or you might need to hire someone who specializes in preparing business taxes on a contractual basis. Businesses need to file quarterly estimated taxes in the United States, and it takes a professional to know what kinds of deductions you can take, what forms you’re required to file and federal and state tax code rules that apply to your business. Not doing your taxes properly or not taking advantage of credits and deductions can result in financial losses or penalties, so having a specialist look at your taxes is a must.

2. Attorney

Serious entrepreneurs generally need to consult an attorney in order to set up their business properly. There are numerous laws governing businesses as well as different classes of corporations. An attorney can walk you through this information and make suggestions as to how you should establish your business based on your situation and goals. If your business will need a lot of legal work, then it might be worth it to hire an attorney on staff, but the vast majority of companies won’t need to do that. You can always just hire an attorney on retainer.

3. IT

IT support is integral to the business world now, and your new organization will need some form of IT professionals to keep your technology up and running. You have two options when it comes to IT—hire a dedicated in-house IT specialist or contract out with an Ottawa tech support service (or one in your area). Whatever you decide, it’s important to have some form of IT support in order to maintain your network and on-site server, as well as to troubleshoot problems when they occur and set up new employees with proper accounts and privileges.

4. Marketer

Your company will need some kind of marketing or sales professional in order to identify and target customers most likely to buy your product or service. Marketing departments in corporations are usually among the most valued because they are directly responsible for a company’s profits. This is one specialist your new company does not want to try and do without.

Hiring specialists rather than generalists has been shown to be of more benefit to a business, so look into hiring or consulting these four specialists when starting up your business. Good luck getting your entrepreneurial project off the ground!



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