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Employee Issues

Desk Job: 3 Symptoms Of Eye Strain And How To Combat It

When left untreated, eye strain can begin to impact many other facets of your health. Not only will you find yourself dealing with ongoing pain and discomfort, but it could even injure your neck, back, and shoulders.

Entrepreneur Tips

How to Build a More Valuable Business

Are you thinking about starting a business or have you already started trading? A business can become an extremely valuable asset, especially if you take certain steps and approach your venture in the proper way.

Inventory Management

Successful Budgeting: How To Organize Your Inventory On A Budget

Poorly managed inventory can end up costing many businesses far more than they might realize.

Building Management

Commercial Space Rental: Finding The Right Fit For Your Business

Many business owners rent commercial spaces without putting much thought into the process. Some only make certain that a space looks good, works for the majority of their current needs and has an affordable lease.

Employee Issues

What Employers Can do to Protect Women in the Workplace

Women made great strides in the 20th century, and today, women are protected in the workplace. If an employee’s rights are violated, they can protect themselves, but only if they know how.

Building Management

New Age Designs: 3 Furniture Must-Haves For Your Office Building

In these times of business modernization and uncertainty, one factor still remains stable: Setting. While work brings home the bread, subtle ambiance defines human mindsets.

Employee Management

First 5 Steps New Employees Need to Take in the Business World

In today’s competitive business world, fostering human capital has become an important prerequisite for success. To this effect, new employees should be welcomed with a comprehensive orientation program that allows them to get a true feel for the corporate culture they are about to join.

Asset Management

Protect Your Company from Third-Party Partner Risks with These 4 Protection Options

The subject of third party partner risk has been making news headlines for a long time now partly because of the rising number of high-profile failures in various industries. Data breaches such as the T-Mobile and Experian incident that came to the fore in October highlight the risks of doing business with third parties and the possible adverse consequences.

Training & CE

Understanding the Value of an MBA Degree for Business Owners

Tweet For business owners, especially those running a small business or a startup, an MBA is a particularly rewarding degree to have, so here are a few reasons why an

Entrepreneur Tips

New Business Plan: Breaking Down the Two Ways to Become an Entrepreneur

If you truly want to find success in life, there isn’t anything that can help you achieve that in American society quite like becoming an entrepreneur. It allows you to become your own boss and live out your dream to sell a product or service that you are truly passionate about.

Business Management

5 Easiest Way to Make Your Startup More Appealing to Investors

One of the greatest problems most startups face is having a hard time to attract investors. Still, this is a problem that is not as hard to solve as you may think.

Marketing Management

Brand Power: 4 Keys to Controlling Your Company’s Online Reputation

One of the critical aspects of growing a business is managing brand reputation. Positive branding helps to build a loyal following by increasing customer confidence, which drives more sales and more profits to fuel growth.

Sales Management

4 Strategies To Travel More For Business This New Year

Those who travel frequently often find themselves struggling with long layovers, uncomfortable hotel rooms, and a variety of other issues that make their trips completely overwhelming.

Information Technology

5 Ways to Secure Your Business

You will undoubtedly have worked hard to create a successful business, so the thought of someone attempting to destroy your company will most likely fill you with anger.

Accounting & Tax

Top 3 Important Things about Taxes Startups Must Know

Turning ideas into products is not an easy thing to do. Starting a company to help make your best ideas into products and services customers can benefit from can be even trickier.

Sales Planning

How to Make the Most of the Next Big Business Conference

A big business conference provides you and your company with plenty of opportunities to improve your career and increase the success of your employer’s or self-owned business. You can learn new things about your industry, including early unreleased news, and meet people who can potentially aid you with career and business goals.


5 Ways to Boost Your Email Marketing Subscribers

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to showcase your brand, services and company news. A superb newsletter may not only impress your subscribers, but it will encourage future customers and result in significant sales for your company.

Building Management

4 Ways The Traditional Office Has Adapted For Modern Business

Tweet Modern businesses have access to a wide range of resources that may have been difficult to envision just a few years ago. The following four resources and techniques highlight

Marketing Management

Hard Times? 4 Marketing Techniques That Will Keep Your Business Afloat

When a business is struggling to bring in revenue, the best way to save it is to find new customers and generate more sales. To achieve this, a business has to invest in marketing itself to new audiences.

Business Security

OSHA In The Workplace: How To Ensure Your Company Follows Safety

Tweet All types of businesses need to know and understand OSHA regulations and be able to apply them in the normal course of daily business operation. Even in a standard

Business Management

Better Ways to Protect Your Business Legally

Few things will drive a business into the ground as quickly as legal trouble. Unfortunately, many businesses with amazing products and services are forced to close simply because of minor legal issues that escalate into devastating trials or out-of-court settlements (i.e. CleanFlicks, Apps Alliance).

Building Management

Best Ideas to Help Small Businesses Maximize Their Time and Space

Entrepreneurs who venture into the world of startups and micro companies will often find themselves pressed for more than just investment capital.

Marketing Management

Consumer Mind: What Customers Really Want From Your Business

When you think of your business, you might try to figure out what customers want from you. They might want to see more advertising, or they might want more discounts.

M&A Planning

Getting Your Business Ready for Sale

Tweet Are you selling just your business or the property as well? What is the market value for your business and will you have to sell at a loss or

Business Planning

Building Your Enterprise for 2017: 4 Specialists Every New Company Needs

Starting up a new business is an exciting and stressful time, and deciding what employees you’ll need is a major part of the process.