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Growing Business? 3 Strategies To Ease The Transition Of Moving To A Bigger Building

Growing Business? 3 Strategies To Ease The Transition Of Moving To A Bigger Building
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    Many successful business owners reach a point where they can no longer continue to grow their businesses at their current locations.

    A move to a bigger building can be both an exciting and a terrifying experience.


Use these three strategies to help ease the transition:

Communicate Every Step Of The Way

Poor communication with employees can cause panic, confusion and delays. For example, confusion during the weeks and days up to the first date of the move about the tasks that each employee needs to perform can cause production to fall so far behind that you either fail to start moving on the planned date or find yourself in a rush situation. These scenarios can lead to accidents that cause expensive property damage or employee injuries. Prevent almost all of these problems by simply communicating your moving plans and providing detailed instructions about expectations.

Hire An Experienced Business Mover

Although it is true that you might be able to move everything on schedule and with little difficulty on your own, an experienced business mover can move your business quickly, efficiently and safely because they do these types of moves every day.

Moving professionals know the best ways to pack and ship your valuable property. They have the tools and supplies needed to safely move big machinery and bulk items and protect fragile property like computers, framed awards and display cases. Without this help, you would need to pay a lot of money for the same tools and supplies and lose time and money to doing the work yourself and paying your employees overtime. You also risk higher insurance premiums to cover accidents while a professional and insured mover takes on all of the risk.

Invest In A Storage Site Service

Business owners sometimes realize that they have property that they want to keep that does not fit into the decorative scheme or production plans at the new site. New site construction delays can also prevent you from moving everything at one time. When these events happen, keep the transition moving by transferring part of your property to nearby secure climate-controlled self-storage units, like those at North Star Mini Storage that feature docks and freight elevators that allow you to move a lot of items rapidly from trucks into storage.

Communicate and schedule the help you need as soon as possible after you realize that you need to move. Start with a short email announcement that promises future transition-related communications and then call local moving and storage professionals.



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