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Top Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Website

Top Mistakes to Avoid While Making a Website
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    With a bunch of useful and feature rich tools nowadays it is not too difficult to develop a website.

    Although making your site user-friendly and usable is another challenge.


A website is your face to the world, and the more you make it interactive, the more you will convert users.

Often we see expensively developed web domains with a lack of focus, and due to the immense complexity, it becomes too much overwhelming for the users.  We bring you some of the most common mistake that web designers commit so that you will take care of those next time you develop a website.

  • Search Bar
    A website is a pool of information. A search bar is a friendly way to browse required information. If your search bar is not noticeable you will eventually lose a big number of your visitors. Make your search bar prominent and upfront, so that people can easily navigate and find the information they are looking for.
  • Chaos in Your Homepage
    Your homepage is the very first impression that a visitor notices. Don’t cluster too many images and fonts on your homepage. Keep it simple so that people don’t get confused and continue to your website.
  • Complex Navigation
    Get your visitor of navigation frustrations by providing attractive buttons and linking. Complex navigation may lead you to unsatisfied visitors and your pages inaccessible.  Intuitively make your website easy to navigate with each page not more than two clicks away from the user.
  • Healthy Web Content
    Content is the meat for any internet site. Your content is the retaining force for your visitors. Provide a content that provides accurate information to the visitors that they are looking for.  A good, informative and fresh content will also help you to get your site rank better in search engines.
  • Lack of Interface Uniformity
    Interface throughout the website should revolve around the same theme. The overall look and feel of a website should remain same as to provide the visitors a feel that he is one the same site.
  • Lack of Call to Actions
    If your goal is conversions and you lacks the call to actions. Keep it to the dream only. Call to actions necessary for providing a user an interface to download, subscribe, register, share and play functionalities on your website.
  • Mobile Friendliness
    One of the key features that a modern website should necessarily have is mobile friendliness. There is a huge number of user accessing the web site by their smartphone. Your website should provide response same as the desktop when accessed by a mobile device to facilitate mobile users.

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