How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy That Has a Great ROI

How to Build a Digital Marketing Strategy That Has a Great ROI
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    When it comes to digital marketing, the most important metric in the huge field of analytics is ROI.

    A marketing campaign that doesn't generate more revenue than it cost, regardless of whatever else it may have accomplished, isn't a success.


This leaves many digital marketers wondering what they can do to improve their ROIs and run more successful campaigns.

Here are four key strategies that will up your ROIs and help your campaigns turn larger profits.

Use YouTube Marketing

YouTube is an incredible platform for digital marketers. The reason the world’s largest video hosting site is so effective for marketing is that it can deliver passive traffic to an offer every day at no cost. To start YouTube marketing, create an engaging video and optimize it for search keywords. Then, add a link to your product or offer in the video description, being sure to reference the link in the video itself. If your video ranks for its targeted keywords, you will be able to generate traffic at virtually no cost, leading to massive ROIs.

Tap Into Social Media

Social media marketing has been one of the most important business trends of recent years because of its ability to reach a large audience for a relatively low cost. If you want to advance your business’s marketing efforts, start shifting your focus from traditional pay-per-click campaigns to social media. Make sure, however, that you have great content that people will want to view, as engagement is the key to success on social media.

Optimize Your Site for Search

Another marketing effort that can produce an excellent ROI over time is search engine optimization, better known as SEO. SEO, like video marketing, brings in a passive stream of visitors to your site without continued expenditure on your part, making it one of the most efficient marketing methods out there in terms of cost. Optimize your site for search terms that you can rank for, and you should see a continuous return on your SEO efforts.

Get Some Professional Training

If you really want to improve your ROI through all marketing channels, get some professional training from experienced digital marketers. There are many great courses, free tutorials and even digital marketing bootcamps you can use to learn tips and tricks that you can start applying. You can even get such training from industry-specific resources.

If you have a law firm, for example, you could send your top execs to a conference, such as The Rainmaker Institute, that specializes in marketing for that industry. Overall, if you want to take your digital marketing seriously, always keep yourself up-to-datewith the latest techniques and best practices.

Improving the ROI from your digital marketing strategies is a key part of making your business grow. If you can realize larger returns for a lower cost, your business will become more profitable in the long run.



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