Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses

Smart Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses
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    Your business is wallowing where it should be thriving. You’ve tried the usual marketing initiatives, including newspaper advertising, radio spots and direct mail marketing.


Unfortunately, your marketing efforts are languishing and are outdated, failing to capture an online strategy that can bolster your business. Here is how you can incorporate contemporary marketing strategies, including through online means.

Public Speaking

What better way to demonstrate your authority but through public speaking? You know your product and you understand your market. Already, you have an advantage that a lot of other people do not have. Moreover, you have knowledge that can be shared and eagerly consumed.

Volunteer as a speaker at your local business association. If you belong to a trade group, share your expertise there. Look to schools, nonprofit organizations, community groups and to the government sector to offer your experience. Craft a general interest speech, going light on your own business.

You can still tell people about your business, but rely on distributing your business cards and making contacts after your talk. It is better to be known as an expert with a business then as a business person marketing his own enterprise.

Media Expert

Besides speaking at public events, you can further your marketing strategy by appearing on radio talk shows, television programs, YouTube channels and podcasting networks. With this strategy you will be taped and broadcast locally, regionally, nationally or globally, depending on the media type.

It still pays to get your name out through the established press. Members of the media look for experts in a variety of fields. Contact the newspaper editor, explain who you are and ask that you be contacted when a story is being developed or when one breaks. Newspapers have a strong online presence and can spread your influence much further than traditional print.

Share Your Knowledge Online

You’ve given your speech and your notes are valuable. How will your audience access that information after you are done talking? Fortunately, a service such as SlideShare now makes that possible.

With SlideShare you can share your notes slide by slide and reach more people than you did with your original audience. Make certain that you content is clear, concise and informative. You will also want to provide a link back to your site, to help people find out more about your business. Add in related photos and graphics to provide visual interest.

Content Marketing

If you have something important to say, then say it. Only do not restrict your knowledge to your blog or website only. There are far too many good resources that would happily host your information.

This is where content marketing comes in. Here, you identify key websites in your sector and contact the publisher. Offer to provide a specific article, outlining the subject, proposed word length and supporting material such as photos and charts. Typically, you will not receive remuneration for your efforts. What you will receive is greater exposure, bringing more people to your business.

Marketing Considerations

There are a number of other ways you can reach people online. If you have a website, then add a blog. Update the blog frequently, at least three to five times per week.

Launching a YouTube channel to post company videos is another great way to reach your customers. Especially helpful are instructive “how to” videos that show and tell visitors how to accomplish a task.

If you are neither a particularly good writer or you don’t have the time to pursue a new online marketing initiative, there are capable freelance writers that can help you get the job done. With either approach you will update your marketing strategy and soon reap the rewards.

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