Business Executives Flying In? 3 Easy Ways To Make A Great First Impression

Business Executives Flying In? 3 Easy Ways To Make A Great First Impression
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    When business executives are taking the time to fly into your area and spend time with your company, it behooves you to ensure that you make a great first impression.


The individuals visiting your company will not only expect to see your best, but they should also be treated well. These three tips will help you to make a great first impression when important executives’ pay your company a visit.

Cleaning Up

Even if your place of business is always neat and tidy, take the extra time to make it look even more spectacular. Ask the janitorial staff to go above and beyond the usual cleaning. Make sure the windows have been cleaned just before the executives’ arrival. Have upholstered furniture vacuumed and brushed to be free of hairs and dust. Remove clutter and questionable items from shelves, bulletin boards, cubicles and other areas.

Using Professional Transportation Services

If a business executive or group of executives had to take a taxi or mass transit to your location, this would make it look as if you do not care about their time or safety. With professionals such as A&A Limousine & Bus Services, you can have a group of business executives picked up at the airport as soon as their flight arrives. These transportation services offer comfort and style to your guests. They will surely notice the time and attention that you took in ensuring their safe arrival at your doorstep.

Snack And Beverage Services

After a long flight, your guests may find themselves dehydrated and of a low blood sugar. Upon their arrival at your business, be sure to have a fresh beverage and snack service brought right up to the meeting or conference room. Offer them a selection of regional specialties or locally made items, and offer the story behind those items as a way to familiarize them with your area. Stick with non-alcoholic beverages such as coffee, tea, sparkling water, mineral water and juices or sodas. Snacks should be non-messy, such as a bread, fruit and cheese tray.

Each of these three steps can be handled ahead of time and arrangements confirmed. Taking the time to set up comfortable transportation and accommodations for the business executives will show that you have a great level of attention to detail. These steps and looking and acting your best will be a great way to make a first impression on potential clients and partners who could help to grow your company.



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