How To Decrease Stress From Long Commutes To And From Work

How To Decrease Stress From Long Commutes To And From Work
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    Most people must endure a long commute to and from work. For many, this is unavoidable.

    While some opt for alternative work schedules that may involve telecommuting, others are required to get a little more creative with their daily commute.


Here are several ways to decrease stress from long commutes to and from work.


If commuting by train, consider performing a series of calf stretches. The stretches improve circulation and can really reduce anxiety. Each stretch can be held for up to ten seconds at a time. Twelve reps are recommended.


Share commuting responsibilities with a friend or simply join a carpool. Joining a carpool allows you to rotate duties while the other person rests. For many people, this can really make up for hours of sleep lost each night. Some research suggest that as many as 40 percent of Americans are getting less than the recommended amount of sleep.

Leave Earlier

Leaving earlier can make the commute far less stressful. By leaving ahead of the normal traffic patterns or near the end of rush hour, you are more likely to experience fewer traffic jams. Although getting a head start on the commute can take a while to adjust to, doing so may mean fewer accidents and bottlenecks along the way. If you are involved in a collision, it’s important to talk to a Ventura car accident lawyer. Even if you avoid rush hour traffic, others on the road can still make bad decisions that can impact you.


Preparing the night before can reduce much of the stress associated with a hectic morning. The additional scrambling in the morning can set the stage of an anxiety-filled commute. By taking the time to prepare the lunch the night before, you remove some of the anxiety in the morning that comes from preparing for a busy workday.


Snacking could help lower the blood pressure. Snacking on heart-healthy items like walnuts can reduce the blood pressure and provide stress relief for the weary traveler. Fibrous fruits rich in antioxidants lower the blood pressure and reduces stress levels.


Meditation is helpful to many who have to commute on a daily basis. Some people choose to focus on mindfulness and simply being engaged in that present moment. Others find it particularly helpful to listen to mediation music to ease their minds, helping them remain calm during a difficult commute.

These are just a few ideas to reduce the stress associated with daily stressful commutes. While most people don’t have the option of choosing their commute, there are things that can be done to dramatically reduce the amount of stress associated with the typical commute.



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