5 Essential Keys to a Clean Office Layout

5 Essential Keys to a Clean Office Layout


Clutter in the workplace is particularly problematic as it keeps employees from being able to focus on tasks and operate at maximum efficiency. There is legitimate evidence that workplace environments with clean layouts and neat, tidy organizational systems function and operate best. Here are 5 keys to keeping a clean office layout.

1. Uniform layout

While it may seem militaristic to keep to straight lines and uniform intervals when planning the placement of cubicles or workspaces, in reality, clean, neat lines and wide passageways create the best structure for ultimate functionality.

2. Give employees space

While you may pay a high price for square footage in your office location, you may eventually pay an even higher price for trying to cram too many employees into too small of a space. In the last 50 years, our living spaces have almost doubled. We like our space. When people feel like they are stacked on top of each other, they start to fight over territory. Don’t turn your office into a war zone, make sure you have plenty of wide open spaces for employees to work in.

3. Synchronized furniture

Many of your employees are going to prefer a different style of desk or chair. You want to offer a number of different furniture options to employees, while still keeping a smooth, streamlined look throughout the office. You can accommodate a wide range of work styles and tastes with coordinating pieces in a number of different options. Shop at an office furniture company like Evenson Best and try and offer as many customizable features as possible.

4. Stay on top of trash

Most offices employ a cleaning service to take out ordinary trash can trash, but offices can quickly become small landfills when large items are not dealt with quickly. When employees leave, they often leave items behind that get thrown somewhere. Old broken office furniture and equipment gets shoved or piled somewhere until it becomes a giant heap. Cupboards become storage areas for old random bits of detritus no longer used. Try and have an all-office cleaning day a least once every three months, or assign one team every few months to go through and give the place a thorough clearing out.

5. Have a plan for waste

The best way to stay on top of debris and detritus is to have a plan in advance for disposal. This includes thing like what to do with items former employees leave behind, what to do with broken or damaged office furniture or equipment, left-over decorations from an office party or promotional materials left over from a conference or event.

Keeping an office clean is like keeping a home clean. If you do a little bit every day, it doesn’t build up much, but every once in a while you have to set aside time to give it a thorough going over. In addition, when everyone that works in the office participates in keeping it clean, neat and tidy, there is a better chance it will stay that way.



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