Top Trends in Office Space Design for 2022

Top Trends in Office Space Design for 2022
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    When your home has been your office, you might want your office to be more like your home.

    Top trends in office space design for 2022 recognize how the pandemic changed workspaces and what workers want.



Working from home helped employees feel safer through wave after wave of COVID-19 cases. While it was difficult to find a way to relax while simultaneously working and refereeing multiple kids attending online school at home, at least there was a couch or a basement to use as a retreat.

The top trends in office space design for 2022 include incorporating a homey feel at the office. Couches, rugs over wood floors, and softer lighting all create the warmer, more home-like atmosphere workers have gotten used to and are often reluctant to give up.

Shared Private Space

Private offices will begin to disappear in favor of shared spaces. Teams that need a place to meet and brainstorm can book rooms that contain sofas, monitors for displaying project materials, a table, a few lounge chairs, ethernet ports, electrical outlets, and a phone.

Activity Based Design

Activity based design has caught on beyond Silicon Valley. This design principle creates spaces workers can choose to use based on what they’re doing.

If they need a quite spot to work individually, they can find one. If they need to unwind and bounce ideas off colleagues, they can meet up in the game room, café, or at the coffee station.


It’s more than designing to use natural lighting and positioning plants around the office to freshen the air and connect workers to natural surroundings. This kind of “biophilia” has already worked its way into office space design.

But workers also want to know that fixtures are energy efficient, that carpets, furniture, and snacks are made from and packaged in sustainable and locally sourced materials, and that paint and furniture don’t emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds).


Soundproofing and acoustic furnishings will begin to appear in more workspaces. While employees long ago adopted headphones and earbuds to give them respite from noise (often by substituting music for the ambient annoyances of clacking keyboards and ringing phones), new office spaces will incorporate acoustic designs.

Workers want quiet space to concentrate, but they also want calm areas to meet with their teams and work on group projects. Sound-absorbing wall panels, acoustic furniture designed to buffer sound, and designated quiet areas, even entire floors, will become much more common.

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The pandemic changed office work permanently. Some workers may never leave their work-from-home situations. Others will crave the social aspects and day-segmenting routine of leaving home and heading to the office, and the wind-down time of commuting back home again.

We’ve learned that hybrid arrangements can work, and productivity won’t decline. Flexibility in where workers choose to work may even increase worker productivity!

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