Business Space: 4 Ways to Maintain a Comfortable Work Atmosphere

Business Space: 4 Ways to Maintain a Comfortable Work Atmosphere
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    When employees are comfortable in the workplace, their efficiency and productivity will increase.

    There are many aspects of comfort to keep in mind, such as temperature, air quality and lighting.


Keep these four tips in mind for maintaining a comfortable work atmosphere in your commercial facility.

Install Shades for the Windows

Office buildings that have a lot of windows may get too much natural light at certain times of the day. East-facing windows will get a lot of natural light in the morning, while south-facing windows get bright sunshine all day long. The intense brightness could cause problems with glare for employees. Office managers should install shades that can be adjusted throughout the day.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Workplaces also need to be maintained at the right temperature. Most people are comfortable when office temperatures are between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Ventilation equipment also needs maintenance so that healthy and clean air can circulate throughout the building. The cooling equipment should be serviced in the spring, and heating systems should be serviced in the autumn.

Be sure to schedule HVAC maintenance, like that available from Dalton Heating & Air Conditioning, to ensure that your cooling and heating systems are in proper working order.

Maintain a Clean Break Room

Workers use the break room to refrigerate their lunches, make coffee and eat their lunches. Regular cleaning of the break room helps to eliminate odors from foods. Cleaning also helps to keep the area sanitary so the workers feel comfortable while eating. The break room refrigerator should be cleaned weekly. Sinks, tables, floors and counter tops should be sanitized on a daily basis.

Update the Lighting Fixtures

Workplaces without a lot of natural lighting will need artificial lights so employees can see without squinting. Old fixtures with fluorescent bulbs may cause eye strain. They are also costly to operate. Consider updating lighting fixtures to use LED light bulbs. These light bulbs are easier on the eyes and allow employees to work at computers with less eye strain. LED light bulbs also cost less to operate and have a long lifespan.

Each of these tips helps to improve the comfort level of your workplace. Employees will be able to focus on their work when they are physically comfortable. These tips could also help to lower operating costs because well-maintained HVAC systems and updated lighting equipment are more efficient and less prone to breakdowns. A clean work environment also helps to promote a sense of comfort, health and well-being.



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