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Designing a Beautiful Campus for Your Growing Business

Designing a Beautiful Campus for Your Growing Business
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    As your company reaches new levels of success, you will want to consider ways of enhancing the facility and surrounding campus grounds.

    Landscape design experts as well as architects agree that greenery plays an essential role in promoting an attractive business image.


Even small areas of lawn and foliage create a meaningful blend of business and nature. The following ideas can help you turn a drab empty lot or minimal grass area into a thriving and beauteous focal point of your company.


Adding a fence made of natural wood, wrought iron, or white pickets provides a whole new dimension to your property. An appealing border between the building and parking area or around the building offers several benefits. For one, it informs visitors and employees of property boundaries. Another advantage is the opportunity to adorn the fence with directional signs, inspiring mottos, or relaxing elements like a bird feeder. A well-kept fence adds personality to the property that employees and guests alike will enjoy.


Accent points around the greenery relieves the monotony of open space with focal points of interest. Blossoming shrubs and bushes designed to bloom seasonally can ensure that flowers are visible throughout the growing season, beginning with daffodils and tulips in spring and continuing through summer blooms into fall chrysanthemums and marigolds. Evergreen trees or shrubs in strategic locations at the corners of the property provide clear boundaries as well as year-round greenery. A sprinkler system ensures that flowers remain fresh and healthy throughout their tenure.


Most people appreciate colorful landscape images in their professional lawn areas. Flower gardens accented by vibrant floral blossoms or brightly-hued stakes with streamers add flash points of interest for guests as they arrive and depart. A well-placed watering can in a vivid design, along with patio furniture in a suitable professional décor brighten lawn area and accent points. Maintenance of these areas can be simplified and made significantly cheaper with technologies such as the Smart Controller, which can save water by responding to changing environmental conditions.


You can also get creative with campus design by adding symbols of your company, your product, or success. Fountains, rhythmic sprinkler systems, and seating benches with designer cushions make statements of their own about your company’s progress and goals. Topiary art can help to define a company’s image, along with creative arrangement of light and shadow in the outdoor space.

Greenery plays a significant role in enhancing a company’s curb appeal. Respect for nature and appreciation of flora are admirable traits that draw customers’ attention. Design your outdoor area to become a functional part of your company’s mission.

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