Design Tips for Your Building’s Lobby

Design Tips for Your Building’s Lobby
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    Whether you’re thinking of remodeling your lobby in a residential building or a corporate office, the design tips for your building’s lobby remain largely the same.


Your goal is to create an environment where the occupants feel safe and welcome as soon as they set foot in the building. Your lobby can be the first impression for many people, and you need to make the experience as positive and memorable as possible.

Create a Welcoming Environment

Your lobby design begins with the general atmosphere you want your guests to experience, which should be comfortable, relaxing, and safe. This can be accomplished in a few ways, the first being with light.

You’ll want smooth and even lighting throughout—or something that doesn’t give off an orange-like glow in the case of incandescent bulbs. LEDs provide bright lights and a pleasant white glow over the room.

  • Natural Lighting

    In many cases, allowing natural light to flood your lobby is the most ideal choice, but is not always possible.

    There are times when natural light is overpowering and serves to discomfort your guests waiting in the lobby area.

    You may need to invest in some metal fabrics to direct the flow of natural light to decrease its intensity.

  • Climate Control

    The temperature of your building will have a significant effect on the comfort of guests, and you’ll need to find a balance between keeping too hot or too cold.

    Your lobby’s temperature may fluctuate throughout the year to compensate for the outside climate, meaning that you will have to adapt and change your internal climate according to the seasons.

Reception Desk

A reception desk is critical for guests in your building and for answering any questions or concerns. The desk helps people coming in know immediately where they need to go or what they need to do, whether they are delivering packages or need to find a room.

Reception can serve as the hub of general information to help direct newcomers into your building and make their experience easier and more convenient.

Incorporate Some Nature or Art

Barren walls without decoration can leave a space looking empty and lifeless. This feeling can be circumvented with the addition of some hanging art on the walls to give your space a more visually diverse and interesting look.

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Alternatively, you can install plants to bring some nature inside and have the greenery liven up your lobby.

Make It a Place People Enjoy Visiting

While guests may only spend a few short minutes in your lobby, those minutes are critical to their experience in your building. With these tips to improve your lobby design, your visitors will leave with a positive first impression—from enjoying the comfortable environment to receiving reliable information.

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