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Legal Technicalities No Business Should Forget

Legal Technicalities No Business Should Forget


From experience, we know that potential investors are particularly interested in the ownership of intellectual property rights. And for good reason, it is often on this ownership that the profit prospects of a company are based. The elements for identifying your intellectual property rights are likely to be protected by intellectual property law through several legal tools.

Protecting Your Assets

Brand, logos, and slogans can be protected under law. In addition, inventions could be protected under the patent system, while software could be protected by copyright. The appearance of products manufactured by a startup or innovative company is also likely to benefit from the protection of designs as they are materialized by graphic elements. Not to mention the protection of copyright if the organization of the design is original.

For a company to acquire its identity, it must also choose a legal structure. The legal structure is, in US law, a constituent act of a company. It determines the rules of operation, the rights and obligations of the individuals that compose it and defines its general functioning with regard to the shareholders and third parties. An online background check will also help your company avoid hiring the wrong personnel.

Coordinating Relations Between Co-Founders

Independently of the bylaws, the instrument commonly used for this purpose is the issuing of shares. Relations between co-founders must be organized and their rights preserved. This will also help to maintain a balance between the interests of the founders and investors wishing to enter the company’s capital.

Legal Status

Sole Proprietorship: this is a status adapted to small projects or small companies, it represents a majority of companies in the US. It is the property of a single person who is responsible for debts on his personal property. The methods of obtaining are simple, it is sufficient to add a Schedule C to a Form 1040.

The Limited Liability Company (LLC): This status, which is similar to that of an individual entrepreneur, allows the entrepreneur to assign a status to his professional activity separate from his personal assets, which is therefore protected. 

General Partnership: It is made up of partners with the status of trader. No minimum capital is imposed, but all partners are jointly and fully liable for the debts of the company.

The choice between these different statuses must be made taken into account a number of criteria, including the protection of personal wealth, social status, or tax status and possibilities for financial contribution.

Hiring Laws

You must be aware of hiring and employment laws in your area. Every business must abide by federal regulations in being an equal opportunity employer. Talk to your HR leaders to be sure you are hiring and recruiting talent that matches the position needed to fill. You must also check out testing and screening methods that can be used like drug tests and when they are appropriate for your type of business.

Managing a new business is a big undertaking. Knowing the right and most legal ways to do so will only make your job easier. Use these ideas to make your company a dream come true.



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