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How Businesses Can Make Sure Their Facilities are Well-Maintained

How Businesses Can Make Sure Their Facilities are Well-Maintained
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    Businesses must maintain a premises that is safe for workers, visitors, and other guests.


By handling maintenance tasks as they come up, costly problems can be avoided. Use these four tips to make sure that your facilities are well-maintained.

Conduct a Facility Walk-through on a Regular Basis

Conduct a facility walk-through on a regular basis. Have your entire maintenance or janitorial crew walk through and examine all of the major facility components. Check the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Make sure all of the plumbing fixtures work. Look at the flooring and check for uneven surfaces. Examine the windows for broken panes of glass or chipped glass. If such an effort is too time consuming, hire an inspector to do it for you.

Repave the Parking Lot

Repaving the parking lot can make a big difference in the safety of your employees. By repaving the parking lot, you could reduce the risk of employees or visitors tripping, slipping, or falling. A smooth parking lot, like that available from Lakeridge Paving Company, also has a lower risk of damaging vehicles because of deep potholes, loose asphalt, or uneven surfaces. Consider having the parking lot repaved outside of business hours in order to minimize disruption to workers and guests.

Check the Premises at Night

Some issues that need attention might not be noticeable in the light of day. Check the premises of your business at night. You might notice that one or more of the parking lot lights needs its bulb replaced or that a security light bulb has gone out. You might also notice that certain areas are difficult to see in at night.

Ask Employees to Report Maintenance Problems

When a business has a large facility or occupies a considerable amount of space, one person alone may not be enough to keep tabs on what needs to be fixed or updated. Ask employees to report maintenance problems when they see them. For example, you could ask employees to report situations such as a dripping faucet, broken handle, or uneven surface on the sidewalk. This allows your maintenance staff to handle the maintenance needs in the order that issues are reported.

When employees or guests report a maintenance problem, act on it as quickly as possible. As the owner of a business, you could be held liable if someone becomes injured or their property is damaged because of a lack of maintenance. Maintain clear records of all maintenance activities, and keep up with safety issues as they arise.



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