Some Essential Things to Know About Mercedes Car Servicing

Some Essential Things to Know About Mercedes Car Servicing
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    Mercedes is one of the most common cars especially for fancy people.

    It is one of the oldest companies manufacturing cars, luxury vehicles, trucks and coaches.


Mercedes is one of the best brands in the car manufacturing sector. It occupies one of the top positions for the power, racing pedigree, luxury that it offers in their models.

It is one of the instant choices for business people, and those who are enthusiastic about car power. The key aspect for proper functioning of the vehicle is going for specialized Mercedes car service. They are well known for running for years on road without any major issues. 

Things to check in servicing

There are few things that should be kept in mind for Mercedes car service to keep the car running smoothly and for a longer time, avoid headaches regarding cars and also saves money. The common things that should be followed are explained below.

  • Oil and filter: The oil interval for Mercedes is 10,000 miles only if proper oil and filter is used. A fleece oil filter can also be used. Even if the vehicle functions properly with other oils it is important to use the specified oil for long term benefits. The common issue that tends to occur due to usage of inappropriate oil is premature wears or sludge buildup.
  • Battery: These cars usually have electronics and state of art equipment attached. These systems are usually sensitive especially in the matter of battery voltage. Usually batteries do not work as per the expectations after using them for about five years. The common things that tend to malfunction include the SRS light illuminating on the dashboard of the vehicle or the car moving in limp mode all of a sudden. Sometimes it shows some error messages in the cluster of the instrument. It is always better to replace the battery before it gives up completely. This would save you from a greater expenditure.
  • Engine light: It is important to check if the engine light gets on suddenly. It is essential to be aware about the Service Engine Light warning. It is better to consult a professional as soon as you notice that the light turns on suddenly. Usually the servicing centers repair this defect in a minimal cost.
  • Windshield: It is important to replace the windshield at regular intervals. It is always advisable to replace the windshields from authorized dealers only for best results.
  • Fluids: It is mandatory to check the type of fluid that is present and the engine oil that is used. It is also essential to check the brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield wiper fluid and antifreeze at regular intervals.
  • Synchronization: Usually after replacement of the battery or when the battery drains out the windows and the sunroof do not tend to work properly. The sunroof and windows tend to move only a few inches with one touch. Resynchronization of both the sunroof and windows is required to solve this issue.
  • Engine oil level: Some of the models usually have dipsticks which are used to measure the level of the oil. The level can also be measured from the instrument cluster.

More info

As the saying goes a cheap one is never a good one. The issues may reappear after a couple of days if low cost servicing is done. The garage for Mercedes car service should be chosen carefully based on the service that they offer not on the rate charts. The technicians should be properly trained and must be honest about the issue that has happened in the car and should mention the cost clearly. It is always better to go for the organization who gives warranty at least for a certain period of time for their work.



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