Tips for Maintaining a Green Construction Site

Tips for Maintaining a Green Construction Site
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    Sustainability is relevant for just about every industry, but it is especially important for construction.

    The materials and designs that you use in this field have a direct effect on the environment.


These materials also determine the impact that people who use your structure will have on the ecosystem. Put these tips for maintaining a green construction site into practice to reduce your carbon footprint.

Conserve Energy on the Jobsite

Small changes at your jobsite can lead to large savings in energy. You should take some time to review your day-to-day practices and make adjustments where necessary.

For instance, you could make sure to shut down equipment unless you’re actively using it to prevent energy waste. You could also switch to LEDs in place of incandescent bulbs for your temporary lighting.

LEDs last much longer and use far less energy than traditional lightbulbs. You can pair them with motion sensors that only turn them on when needed to save even more energy.

Get LEED Certification

LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. It’s a certification program that encourages sustainable practices for building designers and builders.

By reading the different criteria that LEED set for construction projects, you can create clear goals for your business.

Trying to attain the points for LEED accreditation can make it much easier to maintain a green construction site and achieve even greater heights as well.

Use Sustainable Materials

Your material choices go a long way in making your construction site more sustainable. Though you may lean toward familiar selections such as wood, you can try to look into eco-friendly alternatives.

Bamboo can be a good substitute for wood because it grows much faster and doesn’t require as many resources to produce. Plastic lumber is another good option that acts like wood but comes from recycled post-consumer HDPE products. You can earn LEED credits with plastic lumber, furthering its attractiveness in sustainability efforts.

Certain traditional materials, like steel, are also positive choices because you can recycle them as well. Recycling is crucial to sustainability, and it should be at the forefront of your mind as you make your selections.

Manage Waste Disposal

The creation of some waste on a construction site is unavoidable, but you can significantly reduce its negative impact by managing your waste disposal well. Instead of throwing everything into a common bin that is destined for a landfill, partner with a waste removal service to separate out your excess materials.

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By placing recyclables into different containers, you can divert a large chunk of your potential land pollution contributions. Doing this will also help you with LEED certification.

Additionally, it will allow you to play your part in feeding back into the production of recycled materials that others can use for their construction jobs. This creates a cycle of sustainability within the industry that is critical for the future.

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