Finding The Right Commercial Oven For Your Restaurant

Finding The Right Commercial Oven For Your Restaurant
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    Ovens are important for cooking all kinds of food both at home and restaurants.

    However, there are major differences between the cook tops used at home and commercial kitchen.


The commercial ovens are highly powerful, complicated, and comes with different configurations and functions. Hence, it is important that you consider many things before you decide the kind of commercial oven you need to buy for your restaurant.

Types of commercial oven

Different kinds of commercial ovens are categorized based on the type of use, configurations, and fuel used. Based on the fuel used, the ovens can be of two types:

  • Electric ovens might be less expensive to buy and easy to install but the cost of electricity can be an overhead. It is lot safer, as there is no fear of leak and less chances of fire. It can offer even cooking. Hence, it is ideal for baking and similar kind of cooking.
  • Gas as fuel might be cheaper than electricity but the oven can be expensive to buy. If you do not have gas line hooked up, then installation charges can be high too.

Some of the types of ovens for commercial use are:

  • Standard oven

    These are the simplest type of commercial ovens that you can find in restaurant kitchen. The heating element in such oven is at the bottom from where the heat is transmitted and food is cooked slowly. As the temperature is not high, it can sometimes lead to uneven cooking.

  • Conveyor or pizza oven

    As the name suggests, a conveyor belt pulls the food through the cooking element slowly. Here the hot air is blown to cook the food quickly and consistently. Also known as pizza oven, such ovens are great to cook not only pizzas but also pies, tacos, and other kinds of takeaway foods.

  • Convection oven

    The convection oven allows even cooking because of the air circulation technique. There is fan that circulates the hot air, which help cook fast even at low temperature. Because of the versatile functionality, it is quite popular in bakery and restaurants.

  • Combination oven

    This type of commercial ovens allows multi-stage and multiple cooking including steaming, baking, etc. It is possible to save time as well as space inside the commercial kitchen.

  • Deck oven

    There are different levels of heating for making different dishes at the same time in such type of ovens. These are ideal for all kinds of baking allowing you to bake two things at two levels at different temperatures.

Things to consider while choosing the oven

  • Size

    When you are planning to buy oven for commercial kitchen, one thing that you have to look for is the size. The oven should not be too big and it must not be too small. The quantity of food that you will cook in the kitchen, the kind of menu you have, the time to cook the specific food and space in the kitchen for the staff to cook and move comfortably are some factors to look for.

  • Type of restaurant

    Different kinds of restaurants require you to cook different dishes, which are possible on variety of ovens. Based on the menu you have, you need to choose the oven carefully.

  • Price

    When you plan to startup a restaurant, budget is important factor. Therefore, you need to buy ovens that not only suit your needs but also the amount you have.

  • Reliability

    The oven stopping to work in the middle of service can be dangerous for the restaurant. Buying reliable as well as durable unit from branded company is important.

Apart from the above factors, you need to consider the points like easy to use, power type, speed of cooking, and energy use.



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