What to Do with Your Office Equipment After You’ve Sold Your Business

What to Do with Your Office Equipment After You’ve Sold Your Business


Selling your business can be a big turning point in your life. Maybe you want to start a new venture, retire, or simply change your path in life. Maybe you are planning to stay on under your new owners.

Whatever you plan to do now that you have sold your business, you are unlikely to need your old office any more, and if you ran the business from home or from rented premises, that means you probably have a lot of furniture and equipment you no longer need.

There are a few ways you can deal with this rather than simply dumping the stuff you once relied on, or stashing it away in your spare room or basement where nobody is getting any use out of it.

Sell Your Equipment Second-Hand

If you want to get some extra money on top of what you made from selling your business, selling the things you were using can be a great way to do it. While there may be some stuff you want to keep like your computer and printer, it is likely there are lots of items like office chairs and desks that are still serviceable but no longer needed.

You probably don’t want to sell these items on eBay other than to local people who can collect them, as they can be bulky and expensive to ship. However, you can use sites like Craigslist to sell them to people in your area. People can use Craigslist search sites like Zoom The List to find your old gear, and buy it to help them start their own offices without as much expense as doing it with brand new products.

Most cities also have Facebook groups where people can sell or trade items to local people, and so it could be worth looking to see what groups are active in your area.

Donate Your Equipment

If you are not worried about making any money from your old office equipment, then another option is to donate it to a charity or non-profit in your area. Many charities and non-profit groups need office equipment to manage their work, however don’t want to spend money on it that could be used to further their causes.

Try looking up local charities and giving them a call to see if they want your old business equipment.

Give It to Another Start-Up

Supporting other businesses is a great thing to do as part of the small business community, and there may well be start-ups forming close to you who would be thrilled to receive your old equipment. You can find out about them by looking on social media or talking to other entrepreneurs in your area, and getting in touch.

You may well be as valuable as an investor if you can help a new business get off the ground by giving them equipment and office furniture that would otherwise cost them a great deal, and it also gives you a chance to network with some new people.

Don’t just let all your gear gather dust when you sell your business. Any one of these methods is far better than moth-balling your stuff, whether it makes you money or helps someone else out.



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