How to Succeed Like the 60% of Business Owners Without Even a Bachelor’s Degree

How to Succeed Like the 60% of Business Owners Without Even a Bachelor’s Degree
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    Many successful business people have built their careers with non-business degrees, or none at all.

    Some famous names like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton didn't have a business degree but became billionaire CEOs.


Among business owners, 60 percent never earned a bachelor’s degree. Here are some tips for skipping the college degree but still finding business success.

Develop Your Vision

You need to set specific goals not just for your business career, but your life. If you have an ultimate goal in mind, you’ll be better able to gather the resources and choose the opportunities that will get you closer. Try to honestly take stock of your own talents and abilities. When you understand your strengths and your needs, you’ll be able to position yourself to make gains. Gathering knowledge and experience, networking, or raising funds become regular, measurable activities that serve a purpose. Sustaining a vision of the end result you’re working for, and tracking your progress in getting there, will help you to keep you motivated.

Research Your Options

In the business field, there are many routes to take. You can succeed with a single great idea starting from your home office and learn as you go. Some people prefer to learn everything possible about the industry they already work in to set the stage for their own startup. Others might start a completely unrelated side business while still earning a paycheck. Ask yourself which tasks and challenges you find the most interesting or that you handle most easily, such as salesmanship or technology. Be certain that you’re committing yourself to a plan or a business idea that you’re not only comfortable with, but will allow you to feel happy and fulfilled. Otherwise, you could be looking at physical and emotional burnout sooner than you think.

Improve Your Current Skills

On the job experience is great, but depending on your career level, time, and funds, you should always be looking for ways to enhance your knowledge and skills. Having specific objectives to meet and the willingness to admit your weaknesses helps. It’s a good idea to write up your own job description of the ideal business leader that you’d prefer to have running your company. If it’s still early in your career, you could gain valuable experience through internship programs, or look for key projects to take part in on the job. Improve your skillset with online courses, webinars, tutorials, blogs, and how-to videos. Be on the lookout for workshop seminars, like those mentioned in Success Path Reviews on Crunchbase.

Understand the Marketplace

No matter what product or service you offer, you could be wasting your efforts if you aren’t selling to the right people in the right way. Prior to launching your startup, learn everything possible about your potential customer base. Start by investigating the leaders in your field and take note of what marketing tactics they use, how they provide value, and what their customers are saying. Identify the demographics they target, and find out how to connect with them yourself. You should have a clear idea of what social media platforms they use, and the types of videos, music, and images they prefer. Gather constant feedback to track how customer expectations are shaped. Only by understanding your client base will you be able to provide what they’re looking for.

Whether you start on a shoe string from a home office, or spend years honing your skills and experience, accept that there’s still going to be a prolonged learning period. It may take you a lot of time and effort, but having everything you need in place will make business success a smoother journey.



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