How to Know the Best Hobby Farm Tractors?

How to Know the Best Hobby Farm Tractors?
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    Once you buy a farm and move into the property, you are excited about your land and filled with anticipations regarding your farming activities.

    Many activities must be carried out on a small farm, irrespective of its size.


As a beginner or a new farmer, you must overcome the challenge of powering your farm activities. You may use various power sources for your farm, such as 2 wheels, small scale machines, or tractors. It is important to know about the kind of tractor that matches your operations in the best possible way.

The following tips can help you to choose the best hobby farm tractors:

Consider the size

You must look at the size of your land and the type of operations you want to carry out with your tractor. You do not need a heavy-duty tractor, which is needed on a 2,000-acre land for commercial operations, to handle the requirements of your hobby farm spread only over 20-acres.

Intended applications

It is also essential to consider the applications for which you wish to use the tractor. You need varied strengths from your tractor to deal with pulling of discs or plow, pushing dirt or snow, cutting fields or crops or loading hay. When you are looking at buying tractors for sale, you need to understand how the machine is rated and the types of features important for you.

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Look at the weight

While looking for hobby farm tractors, many people place a lot of importance on weight. However, contrary to what you might believe, weight is not as essential as you might suppose. The weight has a small impact on the overall effectuality of the tractor on the field. While running it in deep snow or loamy, soft ground, it can be a real disadvantage. Even if you need more weight for specific tasks, you can add weights without making significant expenses.

Know the horsepower along with capacity

It is more important to consider the horsepower, although this can be slightly tricky. Factoring in the horsepower in a tractor needs you three varied measurements, each equally vital. The PTO Horsepower means the power needed for running cutters and similar equipment.

There is the Drawbar Horsepower, which means the power that a tractor can shift to the ground, which affects the pushing and towing capacity.

Then there is of course the Engine Horsepower. A lawn tractor weighing 750 pounds and having engine horsepower of 25 cannot handle the operations of a 2,000-pound large farm tractor with an engine of similar size. This is because the PTO Horsepower and drawbar will reduce significantly. The operations of the tractor will decide how important each kind of horsepower is, and can affect your final purchase decision.

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Consider the Transmissions

You need to consider the capabilities and the transmission of the equipment. Tractors with 4-wheel transmissions can be more expensive. However, anything having less than 50 engine horsepower will benefit from expenses on higher transmission. There is improved handling and reduced risk of a rollover, particularly on soft soil types.

Tractor transmissions are of 3 types – Hydrostatic, Standard, and the Hydraulic Shuttle, which is a cross of the other two. While regular standard transmissions work properly in many applications, some buyers might like to consider various other options while considering the purchase of hobby farm tractors.

For ‘stop and go’ operations such as loading, it can be worthwhile to go for a hydrostatic drive as the clutch system can come under strain otherwise. You can commonly find a hydrostatic shuttle on large tractors, although found on a few smaller tractors.



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