Selection Of Best Shelving System To Enhance The Appearance Of Any Space

Selection Of Best Shelving System To Enhance The Appearance Of Any Space
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    The modern decorating options focus on maximizing the existing space in every possible way.

    One of the excellent methods to improve the look of any room and at the same time offer exclusive storage solutions is through installation of shelves.


The system of shelving helps in arranging, organizing, and neatly stocking up stuff in residential as well as commercial spaces.

Besides organizing, shelving also helps in making more space in the area thereby creating a clean look. There are different styles of shelving available in modern times; one can pick any option that matches the existing requirements of the place.

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Process of Installing a Shelving System

Selection of the material and style of shelf is not enough, rather the most important aspects of shelving is installation. It is a critical step, as it involves analysing the requirements, measuring the space, knowing the techniques, and matching the existing space. One should apply a systematic approach for the installation so that the result is perfect.

  1. Requirements:
    First, start with knowing your needs. What kind of stuff will you be arranging on the shelf? What will be the weight of the items? Based on the specifications, you need to think of the material of the shelving. Once the material is figured out, it can be easy to purchase the brackets and other hardware stuff, which is used for installation.
  2. Measurement:
    Measuring the wall, the space between the two shelves, height of shelf from the ground, and such important aspects are to be done. After the exact measurements are taken, it becomes easy to drill holes at right spots, where the screws can be drilled.
  3. Right techniques of installation:
    If you do not apply any techniques while fixing the shelving system then the result will be shabby. To have a perfect shelving, make sure that the marking is done in right manner. Make use of correct screws and brackets as per the shelf material you are planning to fix. Start with the top shelf and then install the bottom ones. The length between the two shelves depends on the material, for instance if it is plywood then the maximum length can be 36 inches, if it is glass then 18 inches, and so on.

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Different styles of shelving systems

There are various styles of shelving available; one can pick up any style based on the requirements and interior décor of the space. Let us check out the top styles, which are popular among many.

  • Floating shelving system:
    It is the common style found in many houses. It has minimalistic design and it gives a classic look to any room where it is fixed. These are made of glass material. Hence, the style on the wall looks as if the glass is floating. However, nowadays, there are colored and patterned glass shelves sold in the markets too. Homeowners can select as per their interior theme.
  • Corner shelving:
    The present-day style calls of interestingly designed shelving in the corner regions of any room. These can be found in plastic, glass and in wood in personalised patterns. They are suitable in every room of the house.
  • Freestanding shelving:
    These can be used in homes, libraries, and in places where display plays an important role. They are installed step by step from the topmost position of the wall to the bottom position. These shelves can also be found in various styles, size, and forms.

Besides the above ones, some other styles of popular shelving systems include top hung, built in, and fixed. Pick any one and enhance any room of your house.



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