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Export Pallets: How the Pallets Help In Transportation

Export Pallets: How the Pallets Help In Transportation
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    Pallets especially designed for the purpose of transportation are known as export pallets.

    They are designed and made in a way that could be used during one-way air freight shipping.


They could be made of plastic or wood and are very beneficial when it is shipping some valuable items without damaging them.

These pallets stabilize the items to be shipped and do not allow them moving from their place easily. In addition to wood and plastic, they can be made of metal, paper and steel. They could be chosen depending on items to be shipped and need of the customer.

Types of Pallets

  1. Stringer pallets: These types of export pallets are called stringer pallets as timber pieces used in them are stringers that are put parallel to each other. They are useful in keeping the products safely during the time of shipment.
  2. Block pallets: Being different to stringer pallets, these kinds of export pallets are created with stringer blocks that are placed parallel and perpendicular to each other. Due to this, they are considered safer than their counterpart. In addition, they can also hold more heavy items than stringer pallets. 

Both the pallets are effective when it is about using them for the purpose of transportation. They not only hold the item, but also keep it in good shape. There are several advantages of these export pallets which make them one of the best choices of shipping field.

Here’s how these pallets make the transportation an easy task

They are suitable for air freight

These export pallets are designed and developed so that they could serve their beneficial purposes for air freight. They are durable, easy to handle, inexpensive and better than other pallet options. These features make export pallets an amazing transportation source.

They can be used more than once

If exporter uses other kinds of pallets, there are high chances that the pallets will not be given back and could not be used again. During the next shipment, the exporter will have to buy new export pallets to ensure safe transportation of the products. But this is not the case with export pallets as they could be used again and again, because export pallets are generally durable and are also capable of surviving more than one trip.

They are environment friendly

As export pallets are capable of surviving many trips, exporters don’t need new pallets during every new shipment. After one shipment, they get their pallets back in such a condition that they could be used again and again. When there is no need of new pallets, no sources will be used to develop pallets.

They are durable and sturdy  

Export pallets are developed in a manner that they could serve their purpose more than once. For this, high-quality and durable material is used by the developers. These export pallets are capable of bearing unfavorable conditions without affecting their structure or posing any harm to items placed in them.

They can be customized

Every customer has different pallet demands and items in various sizes to export. They need pallets according to their choice. Export pallets serve their needs. These pallets could be customized according to the need and customers’ requirements. A client has to just tell the pallet maker their requirements and dimensions to get pallets of their choice.

In addition, they come in plenty of materials which could be decided as per the requirement, need of the items to be shipped and budget of the client. Moreover, these pallets are durable enough to survive multiple trips, thus decreasing the cost factor of the exporters.



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