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Dealing with Displacement: 5 Tips for Relocating Your Business

Dealing with Displacement: 5 Tips for Relocating Your Business
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    Sometimes a business has to move.

    There may be many reasons for this.

    The opportunity for growth may be better in a different market.


You may want to move closer to a stronger hub of talent. Real estate prices may even be a good reason to move. Whatever the case, relocation of your business can certainly be stressful. However, it doesn’t have to be. Below are five business relocation tips that can allow the process to proceed much more smoothly.

Create a Realistic Relocation Budget

Like every business expense, relocation is something that should be budgeted. This can help with your strategic planning and make you more cognizant of cost overruns for the project. You should be aware that there are many case studies of businesses that were absolutely decimated by moving into office space they couldn’t actually afford.

Update Your Contact Information

While it may be something obvious, many businesses forget to update all their contact information after relocating. Make sure you are not forgetting anything. Something as simple as not updating your phone number on your social media accounts could lose your company business.

Use Professional Movers to Transport Business Equipment

Relocation also often means physically moving everything in one office to another. This can include furniture, copy machines, computers and even artwork. While you may want to start over completely new, this would not be cost effective. Moving all these things competently on your own can be time consuming and frustrating. Instead, hire professional movers like Bekins Van Lines Inc. or someone similar to move all your business equipment from your old location to your new one.

Get Moving Insurance

When hiring a moving company, make sure to inquire about purchasing insurance. This insurance coverage can help protect your equipment if an accident were to happen during the move. Also make sure the company has workers’ compensation coverage so you won’t be liable for any injuries to movers during your relocation.

Prepare Your Employees

Perhaps the hardest part of relocating is the effect it can have on your employees. Make sure that you give them plenty of time to plan and adjust for this new move. Moving for work can be a big deal that requires a big adjustment. This is especially the case for employees with children.

A relocation that goes wrong can turn into a humongous debacle. It can result in your company losing money, long term business and important talent. Make sure you carefully plan your relocation. Doing so can ensure that it goes much more smoothly.

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