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3 Vital Things to Do After a Workplace Injury

3 Vital Things to Do After a Workplace Injury
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    An individual has been involved in an accident at the workplace and it is imperative that certain actions are taken.


These will help provide immediate assistance to the victim, prevent future incidents, and provide information as to the cause of the accident. Whether it be a cut, fall, burn or other medical emergency, the following steps are very important to include in the aftermath of a workplace injury:

Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Assess the situation and get medical assistance immediately. If the accident is minor such as a small cut or bruise, locate the first aid kit and apply the proper procedures. If the individual appears to be lucid and mobile, take her to an emergency room or emergency clinic for an evaluation and treatment.

The victim may refuse, saying she is fine, but encourage her to go anyway to ensure that her injuries are not more severe than they appear. If the injury is severe, call an ambulance and keep the victim comfortable until it arrives.

Remove and Rectify the Cause of the Injury

Investigate the cause of the accident. If the floor is slippery, barricade the area and mop it well. If you worker twisted an ankle in a parking lot pothole, get an outside professional to fix the surface. Do not allow other employees to walk on the surface until it is deemed to be safe and secure. If the employee tripped, remove the item that she fell over and check the entire area for more obstructions.

It the injury was a burn, investigate the source and warn others to be careful. For example, a cook may have worn an extra-large chef’s jacket and dragged the sleeve through an open gas flame. The burners are necessary for the work to be done, but the other cooks’ uniforms should be appraised so it doesn’t happen to them.

Document the Incident

After any workplace incident, it is vital that all the details be thoroughly documented. Time, place, witnesses, actual events leading up to the incident, how it occurred, and the aftermath should all be written down as soon as possible.

Get statements from the witnesses as to exactly what they saw. Take pictures of the site where the incident occurred. Turn in all documents to the safety officer or other relevant official as soon as possible. Inform the company attorney of the accident as well so he is already in the loop if a dispute arises over the incident. You never know if your attorney will have to go against one from a firm who is representing your employee in an injury lawsuit.

Dealing with a workplace accident and medical emergency can be a challenge, but it is important to follow procedure and rectify the situation immediately. Making sure the staff and any visitors to the premises are safe and secure should always be a number one priority for every company.

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