Things to Consider when Choosing Work Lights

Things to Consider when Choosing Work Lights
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    Whether you read, write, work on your computer, or do your craftwork, you need proper task lighting.

    Work lights can help you be more productive and efficient at whatever you do as poor lighting can cause eye strain.


Vision differences in people are determined by various factors, including our health, age and tiredness. Additionally, different tasks require different lights.  As a good task light is half a job done, it is crucial to have control over it, which is the reason why you should consider the following when making your choice.


The size of the task lamps varies, so you can find an 11-inch tall lamp and can also easily come across a 21-inch lamp, as well. What is extremely important is to choose a lamp depending on the size of your work station. You should position the lamp correctly so that the light covers the entire work area. Finally, space saver lamps include adjustable wall-mounted lights.

Wattage Recommendations

A high-quality lamp with a controlled beam of light is essential for any work. This includes the lamp with adjustable head and/or arm and the lamp with a dimmer, or a two-position switch. You should also be familiar with wattage recommendations.

  • Children’s desk (5 – 12 years) should have a lamp with a light bulb of around 40 watts for incandescent light bulbs, or 3 – 5 watts for LED lights,
  • Adolescents should limit the wattage of their light bulbs to 60 watts for incandescent light and to 5 watts for LED lights,
  • A home office of people from 25 to 55 years of age should have a lamp with 60-watt light bulb (5 -10 watts for LED light),
  • Elderly people should use a light bulb of 100 watts for incandescent light, or a light bulb of 5-10 watts if they choose LED light bulbs.


When you are choosing work lights, the best thing you can do is to search for table lamps online since it is the fastest and the most efficient way to score good deals. There are different types of lamps and here is the list of them based only on light sources, but bear in mind that additional features such as magnifiers and energy efficiency can come into play, as well.

Incandescent lamps give off little glare, but their life span is pretty short. They are usually used for ambient lighting. Halogen lamps produce extremely bright light without glares and shadows. Their disadvantage is that they produce large amounts of heat. Fluorescent lights produce cooler light and are more efficient than their incandescent counterparts, but they are more expensive and they need time to warm up, tell us the people behind Ztwolights. Full-spectrum lamps have the life span of fluorescent lamps and they provide you with the brightest light possible.

Color Temperature

It was mentioned that fluorescent lamps give off cooler light than incandescent light bulbs. What does it mean? Color temperature, as its name suggests, tells us about the visual warmth and coolness of light. It is measured in Kelvins. The color temperature of 2200 – 2700K is considered warm, while the color temperature of 4100K – 5500K is known as cool light.

The cooler temperature the better if you need strong and bright light for work. For home offices, you should have the lamps having a color temperature of 3000K – 3500K. Halogen lamps usually have a color temperature of 3000K, while you can find LED lamps with a color temperature of 4500K.


It goes without saying that you should choose work lights according to your personal preferences. On the other hand, a good piece of advice is to opt for the lamps compatible with the interior design of the room. For example, traditional bronze desk lamps are suitable for vintage-inspired rooms. You can also match the finish of the lamp with other finishes in the room, such as those of handles, windows, or furniture.

You should place all the features of your desired task lamp on the paper. Only then should you start looking for the lamps as this is the easiest way to get the job done.



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