Want More Productive Employees? Adjust Your Thermostat

Want More Productive Employees? Adjust Your Thermostat
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    Families often wage a battle royal over the right temperature in the home.

    There’s always someone who runs hot, while another family member is running cold.


Setting a comfortable temperature for the work environment can be even more complex, because of a greater number of people moving and out of any given space, as well as their own particular surface areas and metabolic rates. And yet, many studies show that temperatures can have a direct effect on the productivity of a workforce. You can help your workers to do their best if you make an effort to provide the right temperatures for their physical comfort.

Differences in Ideas of “Comfortable Temperatures”

Individuals in a work environment may have different opinions about what is a “comfortable” temperature, due to what they are accustomed to in their homes. Studies also show there is a distinct difference between men and women in the perception of what is a comfortable temperature, with men generally preferring a cooler environment.

Studies on Temperature and Productivity

Marketing data suggests that men are comfortable with room temperatures of about 70 degrees. Women prefer a room be at a slightly higher temperature, around 72 degrees. A significant percentage of women, about 23 percent, want an even higher temperature. However, a study from Helsinki, Finland found the productivity drops by 2 percent for every degree over the temperature of 77. The best solution appears to be to keep temperatures on the cooler edge of the ideal temperature range, and allow employees to put on additional garments as needed to find their own comfort level.

Computerized HVAC Controls

Automating the temperature controls of a work environment may be the best solution to avoid conflicts in the workplace. A system that controls temperature setting in various “zones” of the building takes into account the variations that may occur throughout the day in different areas throughout the day.

Effective climate control measures can help your employees to be more productive. Interior temperatures can also affect mood and general health. If you want to provide a healthy work environment for your staff and increase worker productivity, give some thought to the temperature of your office or facility. Small changes can make a big difference in how employees work and feel.

A reputable HVAC contractor like All American Air & Electric, Inc. can help you acquire the appropriate equipment for regulating the temperature of your business, and can ensure that it is properly maintained for maximum efficiency.



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