How to Successfully Build Your Business Property From the Ground Up

How to Successfully Build Your Business Property From the Ground Up
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    Building your business' facility from the ground up allows for great customization.

    You can include the exact features and specifications most useful to your type of work.


Keep these four tips in mind for successfully building your business property.

Working With a Commercial Architect

Consider working with a commercial architect. An experienced architect will bring your ideas to fruition. You will get the exact building you want. If you are interested in a unique style or a building that is environmentally friendly, choose an architect who can handle such a project.

Implementing Green Building Solutions

Green building solutions may help your building to win local awards for environmentally friendly construction methods. Even if you aren’t trying to win an award, green solutions such as a roof made of recycled metal or a living roof with grass or other plants growing on the top are great ways to get your business noticed. Other green building solutions include careful orientation of the windows, planting of deciduous trees to shade windows in the summer and the use of insulation to prevent unwanted air exchange.

Building a New Business

Sheetrock is an essential material for the interior of your new office building. The sheetrock (or plasterboard) is the smooth, flat surface that is also referred to as drywall. Some companies, like Westgyp, know that this material comes in large sheets and is nailed to the wood, concrete or steel framing of the building. Insulation can be placed under it. It is used to make the flat surfaces of the interior walls. Once the sheetrock is in place, the painting can begin.

Install Energy-Efficient Systems

Energy-efficient water heaters and plumbing fixtures will help to cut down on the operating costs of your business. It is easier to install these while the building is being constructed rather than retrofitting in the future. Consider a tankless water heating system and dual-flush toilets. Low-flow fixtures will also help. You may also wish to choose energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. If your property and geographic area allows for it, consider installing a geothermal heating and air conditioning system. This equipment costs more upfront but drastically lowers energy usage.

Working with an experienced architect allows you to choose the size, materials and layout of your commercial building. From selecting high-quality sheetrock to installing energy-efficient plumbing, electricity, heating and air conditioning, your building can help to enhance your business’ profitability. When your business property is completed, you can enjoy the pride of ownership.



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