Ways to Increase Productivity at Work

Ways to Increase Productivity at Work
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    Whether we like it or not, our jobs are becoming our identity cards; we’ve become so consumed with work that, worryingly, there’s nothing else to talk about.


We’re constantly worried whether we’re good enough, productive enough, and committed enough. We talk promotions and money… but we rarely ever talk about the balance between awesome work results and an amazing life outside of it. And we should.

Whether you are an employee, a supervisor or an owner, you’ll want to read through the following tips that discuss organizing your office time in order to increase the productivity at work while finding the time to enjoy life.

If you are an owner/supervisor

  • The hiring process is your starting point

    Switch things up by avoiding the typical “in bulk” hiring method; trying to replace quality with quantity never works, especially not in business – and this is why you need to be smart about your hiring approach.

    To build a team that will bring 100% productivity, scan through your candidates carefully and try to form a team with similar personality characteristics, similar sensibilities, music and movie tastes and similar tempers. Chat with them to see who they are and then decide. It will last longer than a conventional hiring process, but at least you’ll get a team that’s kicking a*s and, more importantly – loves spending time together!

  • Encourage a relaxed environment

    Although structure and authority are absolutely necessary for a workplace to function properly, don’t be THAT boss who makes people anxious. Instead, be their leader and pal, encourage them to work, talk to them about projects, teach them new things and give them feedback.

    Encourage a positive atmosphere with jokes, laughter, pizza Fridays, team building activities or even music. In fact, let your team set the tone that works for them and you just play along. And, as for the productivity of your team – the more relaxed they are, the better they’ll work.

  • Create a stimulating working environment

    The modern business world is all about a stimulating environment that will get the creative juices flowing and deliver phenomenal results. Don’t expect your web designers to come up with a fabulous cover if they are trapped in offices with uninspiring walls and uncomfortable chairs.

    Decorate the offices with cheerful colors, interesting artwork, lazy bags and colorful floor rugs, and fill the kitchen with water, coffee, healthy juices and snacks. Once your workers feel like you care about their well-being, good health and comfort – delivering awesome results will become their top priority.

If you are an employee

  • Change your attitude

    Yes, we’d all rather be on a vacation someplace exotic than trapped in an office for 8-10 hours a day but – it is what it is – so stop the pity party. With your skills, your work ethics and your genuine interest in the work you do, you could be a supervisor in no time if you just worked a bit harder.

    Being negative about having to do a certain task is actually blocking your creativity and taking way more time to complete than it would if you’d changed your attitude and tried approaching things differently. Love what you do, and your productivity will skyrocket in no time.

  • Have fun outside work

    Just do it. Do the things that make you happy – see the people you love, engage in fun activities, enjoy your hobbies, sleep… whatever makes you smile! The time we take to recharge is actually crucial to how productive we’ll be at the office.

  • A no phone, no social media policy

    Sure, Adele’s new boyfriend is absolutely stunning, Peter’s dog barks adorably on that video and Dua Lipa’s new video rocks! But, then again – how’s that related to your work? Exactly. It isn’t. All of the things occupying your attention on social media and your phone are distracting you from your work which may just be the reason why there’s never enough time to complete a task or that you are always late with submissions. You’re not 911 – updates can wait for the break or after work hours.

Good luck and be smart about your choices!

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