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Workplace Satisfaction: 5 Things Every Business Needs for Happy Employees

Workplace Satisfaction: 5 Things Every Business Needs for Happy Employees
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    If you have a supervisory position, you know that employee loyalty is key to business success. Fulfilled workers help companies thrive.


Treating staff well is a high priority among progressive firms. Below are five things your business needs to keep your workforce happy.


Workers’ Compensation protects both workers and businesses. Workers receive wage replacement and medical benefits while businesses are shielded from being sued for negligence.

Both the federal government and most states require employers to purchase workers’ comp insurance. If a business doesn’t comply, it is in violation of federal and state laws. This makes a company liable for paying penalties and benefits out-of-pocket.

Laws vary by state. Minnesota, in particular, has specialized workers’ comp regulations. Understanding the intricacies of these legalities requires a skilled lawyer. According to Mankato workers’ compensation attorneys at Rosengren Kohlmeyer, you will need a lawyer that works on behalf of employees to obtain the proper benefits.


A workplace designed with safety in mind cuts the cost of insurance. Here are five steps you can take to make the workplace safe.

  • Routinely check all machines and tools to ensure they’re maintained and safe to use.
  • Keep storage areas organized and clutter-free.
  • Train employees in the skilled operation of equipment.
  • Analyze workplace injuries to identify hazards.
  • Hold periodic fire drills.


You can promote employee comfort with the use of ergonomics and eco-therapy.


This is the practice of designing a work space to fit an employee. When a workstation is ideally outfitted, injuries are less likely. Equipment that doesn’t support good posture causes eyestrain, headache, neck tension, back pain, and tendinitis. The Mayo Clinic offers a how-to guide for setting up an office workstation.


This is the practice of promoting well-being through contact with nature. In an office environment, plants provide eco-therapy. A 2014 UK study found that employee productivity increased by 15 percent when plants were part of the workplace. Workers demonstrated improved memory, alertness, and less stress. Plants also improve indoor air quality by removing particulates as they take in carbon dioxide. Easy-care houseplants that serve as air filters are:

  • peace lily
  • snake plant
  • spider plant
  • Chinese evergreen
  • golden pothos


Employees who feel appreciated are happier than those taken for granted. A recognition and reward program is a tangible means of expressing employer gratitude. The two systems differ in how they acknowledge outstanding performance. A recognition program doesn’t involve money while a reward system does.

Recognition Program

This type of program honors employees with special merits. Here are three suggestions for applauding work well-done:

  1. Establish an Employee of the Month Award.
  2. Praise an employee in your company newsletter, including kudos from co-workers.
  3. Award points for good work habits, such as punctuality and attendance. You can also allot points for positive behaviors, such as courtesy, cooperation, and taking initiative. Workers redeem points for small prizes or privileges, such as leaving work 30 minutes earlier or taking a longer lunch hour.

Reward Program

Examples of rewards are gift cards, bonuses, profit-sharing, and stock options. Rewards can be given on an individual and team basis.


Rather than salty, sugary, fat-laden food, offer wholesome choices in the break room, cafeteria, and at workplace functions. Healthy fare fuels energy, optimism, and alertness. When working with food vendors, request specified percentages of healthy snacks in appropriate portion sizes.

If your current vendor cannot stock healthy snacks, specialty vendors are available. Reliable suppliers include Grow Healthy Vending, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending, and Healthy You Vending.



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