4 Ways To Easily Improve Forklift Ergonomics

4 Ways To Easily Improve Forklift Ergonomics
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    Have you ever noticed how congested a bridge can get during early morning traffic or even at the end of a busy workday?

    That’s how packed it can get without the right strategies to make the work environment a safe and clutter-free place in which to operate.


Therefore, you want to make the workplace feel less tight and easier to work in. So here are four ways to easily improve forklift ergonomics.

Improve the Warehouse’s Layout

Depending on the warehouse’s size, you might have more supplies stacking up than you’d like. This might be causing it to feel tight and hard to get around.

The best way to make an efficient work environment in the warehouse is to change the arrangement when necessary, which means moving the common supplies together.

To help make sorting through and organizing supplies better, you should start by maximizing the space in your warehouse.

Here’s a breakdown of things to do when improving the workplace:

  • Place popular items near packing and staging areas.
  • Minimize clutter in tight spaces.
  • Add forklift travel area markers.
  • Create a pallet racking system.

Have Experienced Workers Train

There are moments when you find yourself busy and unable to train recruits. So, to help ensure that workers receive training and learn how to utilize forklifts, you should pair each one with an experienced worker.

A seasoned employee can help guide a new talent through the ins and outs of operating the lift around the aisles. Additionally, this setup allows current workers to work on their own skills and brush up on aspects they may have forgotten. Also, they can learn about new trends and ideas on safety.

Through each training phase, have employees focus on these areas when they’re training the next class of forklift operators:

  • Follow all pre-operation inspection guidelines.
  • Clear debris out of the way before operating.
  • Report any issues with the lift.

Invest in Better Ergonomic Equipment

It’s always essential to buy the best and most updated piece of equipment or accessory to help get jobs done in a shorter amount of time.

For example, if you need to pick up heavy loads, having a fork positioner can help, as it can assist in accurately placing the forks in the right spots before lifting.

Other pieces of equipment to help improve forklift efficacy include:

  • Sideshifters
  • Single-double load handlers

Request Ideas From Operators

The final thing to do when strategizing how to improve forklift ergonomics in a warehouse is to ask your operators for ideas on enhancing the work environment. To efficiently increase safety in the work environment, you should go around and ask for suggestions.

You might learn you need to get better equipment, create a new way to improve current knowledge of safety trends, and more. Try establishing a recognition program for those who deliver the best methods for improving work.

These ideas will improve warehouse ergonomics when workers operate forklifts. Take these suggestions as a guide to help you better your workplace. Then, you and your workers can work in a stress-free environment.

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