Desk Job: 3 Symptoms Of Eye Strain And How To Combat It

Desk Job: 3 Symptoms Of Eye Strain And How To Combat It
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    When left untreated, eye strain can begin to impact many other facets of your health.

    Not only will you find yourself dealing with ongoing pain and discomfort, but it could even injure your neck, back, and shoulders.


That is why it is so important for everyone who works on a computer to know about the most common signs of eye strain and what they can do to avoid this pervasive issue.

1. Chronic Fatigue

After focusing on a screen for dozens of hours every week, you might begin to notice that you feel tired even when you are getting plenty of sleep. That is because our brains associate the sensation of having drooping eyelids with chronic fatigue. There may come a point when your body can no longer differentiate between strained eyes and sleep deprivation. If you are sure that you are getting enough sleep but your eyes still feel heavy, then you should immediately contact an eye care professional, like those at All About Eyes to schedule an appointment.

2. Unusual Aches and Pains

Just like every other muscle in your body, your eyes can become sore when you are using them too much. In order to compensate, you might begin to lean forward in your office chair or tilt your head to the side to give your dominate eye a break. The best way to solve this issue is to get up out of your chair for at least ten minutes every hour to give your eyes a break. During that time, you should stretch any arm, neck, and shoulder muscles that feel fatigued. Many office workers also benefit from scheduling a few massages every month. That will further relax your muscles and improve your posture while you are sitting down.

3. Vision Problems

The single most common side effect of eye strain is vision problems. Most patients who experience chronic eye strain find themselves struggling with blurry vision when they are staring at a screen or book. Others find it difficult to step outside when the sun is out because the bright light blurs all of the other colors. These are all very clear signs that you should immediately speak with an eye care specialist about your treatment options. Some of the other side effects of this condition include a stinging feeling when you close your eyes, red eyes, and double vision.

In addition to meeting with an optometrist and taking regular breaks from your computer, you might also want to consider using lubricating eye drops. These drops will prevent many of the secondary complications of eye strain.



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