7 Simple Yet Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe

7 Simple Yet Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Smartphone Safe
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    Smartphones have become the most essential device of our life which we use probably for everything.

    This is why it is important to keep it safe and secure.


Long gone are the days when phones were used just for calling and messaging. Now this wonderful gift of technology has evolved a lot and today a phone can do tons of things that one could not have possibly thought of in the early years when mobile phones were a mere device for communication. From watching videos to surfing the internet, from booking a cab to clicking photos, the utility of today’s mobile phones are endless and are much more sophisticated than before and thus the name was given smartphones.

However, with so many utilities comes tons of useful data which are just like a virtual identity of the user. So, to keep the device safe and secure should be the top most priority of every phone user. Unfortunately, the reality is quite different and despite having so much useful data, people ignore the importance of maintaining the safety in their phones which in the end, result in something serious.

Here, in this blog, we have prepared a list of useful tips that can help you keep your mobile safe. So, let us get started.

Keep your smartphone completely safe with these tips

Don’t give your personal information without thoroughly checking

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is don’t give your personal information anywhere without thoroughly checking. The random message that you may receive from your bank could be an imposter.

Also, if you get any random email or simply by a text messaging from any business, corporate, or any other organization requesting for your account information, then don’t click on the link if you have any doubt.

Always keep your phone locked with password or pin

If you don’t keep your phone locked, then anyone can use it for their personal means when your phone is not in your hand.  Therefore, always keep your phone locked either with pin or password so that your phone will stay safe and secure.

Doing this is quite easy; if you have an Android device, just go to your Location & Security Settings and just follow the instructions. And if you are an iPhone user, then you can find these functions in the General options of their settings.

Keep investing on your phone from time to time

Well, just to make sure that you get the latest phone in the market, you had to borrow some money even when your financial condition was not that good. However, your love with gadgets couldn’t stop you to apply for loans for bad credit with no guarantor from British-lenders.uk a direct lender in the UK.

So, if you own a really expensive phone, then it is very important that you keep investing in it to keep it protected from all sorts of damage internal and external both. Firstly, have a strong back cover for your phone to protect it from all sorts of scratches and falls. Next, have antivirus software installed on your phone in order to protect it from any virus attacks.

Always download apps from reliable stores

There are millions of applications available in the market both for Android and iPhone user. However, both the platforms have a specific market where the users can download applications i.e. PlayStore and App Store. Try to avoid downloading apps from other sources as it can be risky for your personal information that is available on your phone.

Also, when you are downloading an app from the PlayStore or AppStore, make sure that you check the rating of the app and if possible read the reviews to know whether the app is genuine or not. Lastly, you can go through the app’s privacy policy to know what kind of features of your phone the app will have access to.

Don’t share sensitive information when using public Wi-Fi

Well, everyone loves free internet and that is what exactly public Wi-Fi are made for. But, it is important for you to know that it gets very easy for a hacker to intercept the traffic that a person is sending while using public Wi-Fi facility.  As this free Wi-Fi facility basically works on an unencrypted network, it gets very easy for an attacker to hack the data of any person who is using it to surfing the internet. Therefore, it is highly recommended that do not enter any kind of passwords or perform any online transaction when connected to the public Wi-Fi.

other valuable tips:

Always keep a backup for all your data

Having a backup of your data is really important as it might save you from getting into serious trouble. There are plenty of viruses and malware available on the internet that can simply wash off all your data within a few seconds. And if this happens, you will be left with nothing than an empty phone. Thus, it is really important you keep a backup all your data of your phone at any safe place. So, you will have a chance to again get all the useful data if your phone is attacked.

Keep your phone OS and apps updated

Often, the software or the apps which we use on our phone contains bugs and other several issues that can hamper the performance of the phone. This is why most of the OS providers and app developers keep rolling out the updated version of their OS and respective apps in which all the previous issues are fixed. Therefore, it is advised for every smartphone users to keep updating their phone OS and apps from time to time so that their phone security is not compromised by any means.

Wrapping up, so these were the useful tips and suggestions that you can follow in order to keep your precious device safe and secure.

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