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Tips for Designing an Effective Conference Room

Tips for Designing an Effective Conference Room
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    Conference rooms make up the heart of a company’s operations.

    Whether it’s to have an informal meeting amongst the team or a serious discussion with clients, they are the core of how individuals interact with one another in the workplace.


It’s for this reason that each office needs to not only have a conference room available, but they also need to equip it with the tools for success. Utilize these tips for designing an effective conference room in your office and ensure that each meeting is as productive as possible.

Consider Your Needs for the Room

First and foremost, your conference room must adhere to your business’s needs for it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to utilize it to its full potential.

When beginning the process of designing your conference, room, be sure to ask yourself what you will use the room for.

This will help determine everything from how you want the room to look to what equipment you’ll need to install.

Be Deliberate with Table Configuration

Do you want an engaging space where everyone can talk freely, or would you rather stick with the standard speaker-style seating arrangements?

The table and seating configurations you pick play a key role in facilitating specific kinds of meetings.

For instance, rooms with U-shaped seating allow everyone to properly interact with the speaker as well as each other. While the long table layout may make it difficult for some to view the presentation going on.

Based on what type of meetings you’ll be having, decide which one would be the most effective at promoting discussion.

Install the Proper Equipment

For you to get the most use out of your conference room, it’s crucial that it has the equipment to handle any kind of situation. Whether it needs to be capable of video calls or displaying presentations to a large number of people, your conference room AV equipment is essential to the process.

Things such as quality televisions, speakers, and telephones are what makes a conference room a functioning communication hub, and, ultimately, will help people complete projects efficiently.

Think About the Lighting

Lighting is key to how individuals perceive a space and function while in that environment. As such, you’ll need to consider this feature as well to maximize productivity. It’s recommended that conference rooms try to minimize overhead lighting in particular, as they can make individuals feel drowsy or unfocused.

However, you also don’t want to include so much natural lighting that the screen isn’t visible. Be sure to experiment a bit with your specific room to find the right functioning balance.

other valuable tips:

Ask Your Employees

While you’re designing your conference room, make sure that you also ask your employees what uses they want to get out of the space. Since they’ll be using the room just as often as you, it’s important that they also feel comfortable using the space and get the most out of the environment.

Additionally, involving your employees in the planning process is a great way to help them feel like you value and appreciate their input.

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