Important Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Office Building

Important Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Office Building
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    Owning your own office complex is a great way to bring in extra revenue while providing new businesses with the resources to hit the ground running.

    However, as the manager of this space, it's your responsibility to care for the building and ensure that the environment remains a comfortable and safe place to work.


This is especially key during the potentially harsh winter months. Use these important winter maintenance tips for your office building to ensure that everything stays in peak performing condition this season.

Inspect Doors and Windows for Damage

Firstly, it’s vital that you’re taking the time to check all exterior doors and windows for damage after each snowfall or major temperature drop. These areas are the most susceptible to outdoor conditions and can easily develop issues that evolve into more costly problems.

Automatic doors, in particular, are known to sustain damage from the cold. So, as the owner of the complex, it’s your responsibility to know how they work and when you should consider getting them repaired.

Stay on Top of Ice and Snow Removal

In the time following storms, it’s common for ice to form along your building’s entryways. Unfortunately, this is a leading cause of winter-related injuries—and a situation that can leave you accountable for worker well-being.

As such, hiring removal professionals early on in the season can greatly reduce the average slipperiness of your walkways and improve the overall safety of the property.

Keep Your HVAC Systems Clean

Another crucial winter maintenance tip for your office building to keep in mind is to perform regular cleanings of its HVAC system. Employees will be spending much more of their time indoors with the windows shut during the winter. Therefore, it’s important that they have clean air to breathe throughout the day.

Poor air quality has been linked to a series of health issues, such as asthma and even COPD in older individuals. Due to this, removing the harmful particles from the air is one of the best things you can do for your leasers.

Check the Insulation Around Your Pipes

Make sure that you’re periodically inspecting the insulation around your exterior pipes or installing padding on those that don’t already have it. Should the temperatures drop low enough, these fixtures can potentially freeze and burst.

This can result in extensive damage to the complex and cost you a hefty sum of money to get it all fixed. For this reason, it’s key that you take the initiative to ensure they aren’t succumbing to the elements.

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Don’t Forget About the Roof

It’s also important that you remember to pay some attention to your roof during this season. While roofing materials are considered some of the most trustworthy in building construction, even they eventually sustain damage and don’t perform as well as they used to.

When this happens, you could find yourself with significant water damage from the melting snow or even mold or rotting on the upper floors. So, it’s purely beneficial to devote resources to cleaning access snow off of its surface after storms and replacing any broken or missing shingles.

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