Top Tools for Scaling Up a Small Business

Top Tools for Scaling Up a Small Business
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    In this rapidly-moving media-savvy and digital era, a wide array of small business owners can recognize the power and potential that technology has to help grow their business.


Businesses don’t simply boom overnight, but with the right use of available tech solutions, you can grapple with the challenges that growing small businesses tend to face. Developing strategies for technological setup should be at the top of your to-do list.

Technology is used to better respond to changing circumstances within your business and take full advantage of present opportunities. Due to the variety of applications and modernizations on the market, you can also choose solutions that fit your business culture, environment, and budget.

Let’s examine closer the top tools for scaling up a small business.

Foster Quality Customer Service and Relations: Chatbots

Too quick of a growth spurt can cause your businesses‘ customer satisfaction to decline if you cannot reliably take care of their needs. As your customer base rises and grows, customer service needs to be just as available, timely and accommodating as ever before. This is where the implementation of virtualization comes in to ease the human workload.

Chatbots can step into the shoes of a virtual employee to handle any incoming inquiries at any time to maintain high-quality customer service.

These chatbots are becoming more sophisticated and increasingly innovative in order to meet the demands of modern consumers.

Their automation service can supply answers to basic inquiries so your team can focus on more complex customer interactions.

Enhance Internal Communication: Messaging Apps

Internally, one of the top tools for scaling up a small business is the use of applications for intercommunication.

If your business experiences phases of growth, then you are most likely adding new members to the team.

This addition of employees can shift around chain-of-command and change the way your staff communicates with one another.

There are a variety of communication platforms employable for instant messaging between groups, teams, and individuals. These apps enhance communication by establishing an open line of communication.

The line provides a space for inquires, questions, updates, ideas, or simple chats. Besides the video chatting platforms of Slack and Zoom, other notable communication apps include Slack, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts.

Increase Operational Efficiency: Networks and Data Centers

In our interconnected marketplace, the IT and network infrastructures are the core of empowering business enterprise. Many large corporations such as Apple or Amazon have their own data centers. Yet, for small businesses, a private data center may be an investment expense that’s not within their means.

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However, there are ways to reduce data center costs by effectively saving energy. You can also choose to utilize hardware in a co-location facility or utilize a data center as a service provider for a cost-effective solution. Either way, data centers can scale up small businesses by increasing connectivity, data storage, data back-up and security, and bridge the remaining gap to provide an enhanced usage of resources.

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