5 Signs You Should Replace Your Forklift Equipment

5 Signs You Should Replace Your Forklift Equipment
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    The warehouse management industry is vital to several areas of the purchase process, and forklifts are at the forefront of this activity.


From arranging goods for storage to prepping them for shipping, these machines work hard so that workers stay safer. However, even these devices can fail when you least expect them, and when they do, they can cause serious injuries to those nearby—even to you.

These are the warning signs you should replace your forklift equipment and reduce the number of risks you’re exposed to on the job.

Excessive Battery Drain

Forklift batteries are one of the first things to start deteriorating as these pieces of equipment age. This is because they steadily lose their ability to maintain a charge over time.

The older a battery is, the higher the likelihood that your forklift won’t start or short out in the middle of operating.

As such, make sure you’re always inspecting these components prior to using them. You should ensure that your operations team is always doing the same as well.

Broken Forks

Severely broken or bent forks are also a telltale sign you should replace your forklift equipment. These damages occur when the forklift is struck by something heavy and makes the machine incapable of reliably picking things up.

Forklifts that lack balance are prone to tipping or even dropping heavy parcels on employees. Because of this, it’s important that you tell your team not to use the model in question and get a replacement to prevent future accidents.

A History of Mechanical Failures

If a forklift has consistently broken down in the past, it’s highly probable that it’ll continue doing so moving forward. So, you should take this as an indicator that your current forklift fleet isn’t sufficient.


Mechanical failures tend to result in employee injuries—which makes you negligent should you allow them to operate these pieces of equipment. Even you, the manager of this team, are liable to suffer injuries that require filing for a personal injury settlement.

You’re Paying More for Maintenance

Another thing you should be on the lookout for is the amount of money you’re spending on forklift maintenance. As more parts malfunction or break down, the larger number of funds you’ll need to dedicate to getting them repaired.

After a while, you may find that you’re spending more on maintenance than the cost of a new machine. When this happens, you’re better off getting something new.

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It’s Time for an Upgrade

Additionally, you might determine that it’s time to upgrade your fleet. Forklift technology is constantly evolving to keep up with modern needs. For this reason, there’s always a good incentive to purchase something more up-to-date.

Newer models can come with more advanced features and safety options, which can greatly help prevent workplace incidents in the future. Though, these models will deteriorate over time like your older ones. So, make sure you’re staying vigilant during inspections and routine maintenance tasks.

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