Ways to Increase Your Forklift’s Lifespan

Ways to Increase Your Forklift’s Lifespan
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    When it comes to maintaining a productive and efficient warehouse or factory, keeping heavy machinery in peak operating condition is essential.

    Machinery going down or needing to be replaced will surely cost your operation time and money.


That is why finding ways to increase your forklift’s lifespan is key to increasing your operation’s productivity.

Preventative Maintenance

Putting forklifts on a maintenance schedule will make a facility more likely to catch and take care of smaller forklift problems before they become larger issues. Larger issues take a bigger bite out of a forklift’s lifespan, so preventing them will make a forklift last longer.

Preventative maintenance also helps avoid forklift accidents which, along with being dangerous to employees and merchandise, will also lessen a forklift’s lifespan.

Proper Battery Charging & Watering

Charging a forklift battery incorrectly can drastically reduce battery life which impacts the entire forklift. Forklifts should only be charged when levels fall under 30% to prevent overcharging.

Enough time should be allotted for workers to go through the steps of charging the battery to prevent mistakes that can damage it.

Fluid levels should also be checked regularly so batteries are not over or under watered, which can reduce battery life by as much as 50%.

Know Your Forklift’s Load Capacity

As mentioned, accidents can cause damage that will wear down machinery overtime, so preventing accidents will increase your forklift’s lifespan.

Tip-overs are one of the more common forklift accidents, and carrying loads that are not appropriate for a machine is a common cause of tip-overs.

Workers should be trained to not only go off the number listed on the data plate but to consider how the load center and the way mast height and forklift attachments may impact load capacity.

Facility Maintenance

Even if a forklift is properly maintained and operated, accidents can still happen in facilities that are not maintained. Unorganized and cluttered facilities are more difficult to navigate as a forklift driver, making forklifts more prone to accidents. Even if accidents are avoided, rough flooring and conditions are also likely to wear a forklift down more quickly than a well-maintained facility.

Proper Worker Training

Another way to prevent forklift accidents is properly training forklift operators in all safety protocols, including how to maneuver in tight spaces, avoid collisions, and how to drive on inclines. Proper training will also ensure that employees know how to perform all the previously mentioned tips, including preventative maintenance, charging and watering batteries, and following load capacity.

other valuable tips:

Equipping employees with this knowledge will ensure that these preventative measures are done. Training should be done not only when new employees arrive, but when new machinery arrives to be sure everyone knows how to use it.

Warehouse and factory efficiency can be greatly helped or hindered by the tools they have access to. Taking care of these tools will help ensure that your operations run smoothly and efficiently for everyone involved.

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