Various Metal Cutting Methods and Their Uses

Various Metal Cutting Methods and Their Uses
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    Metal cutting is an important process in the fabrication industry.

    Every workshop has different strategies for metal cutting and uses different tools to get the job done.


If you’re considering taking on this task in your own workshop, you need to understand the various metal cutting methods and their uses. This guide will help you understand the applications of each method and the tools and training you would need.


Sawing is the most direct way to cut a piece of metal. This process is different in every workshop, but it usually involves clamping the metal material in place on a sawing bench and lowering the saw blade to meet it. Sawing is ideal for larger cuts and materials.

You can find a variety of saws around a metalworking shop. Vertical and horizontal band saws are some of the most common tools machinists use for sawing metal.


Drilling to cut metal is a lot different from drilling a hole into your wall to hang something. For starters, you need a compatible drill bit that is designed to work with metal.

Metal fabrication shops often employ standing drill presses for metal drilling projects, although some shops use hand drills as well. The drilling process is ideal for more careful cuts, as it makes precise marks and holes in the working material.


Grinding metals is an everyday part of metalworking. Grinding involves smoothing down a metal’s surface to flatten out certain features and rough edges using an abrasive surface such as a grinding wheel or surface grinder.

These are just a couple of the various grinding machines, which range from portable grinders to bench grinders to cylinder grinders.


The metal turning process is a more delicate cutting method. Metal fabricators perform turning to remove layers of metal until they achieve the desired form.

They get the metal turning by attaching it to a lathe or other stand and then attaching this extension to a drill, which spins the material. From there, the operator carves into the spinning metal to create a uniform mark.

Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is the most precise of these various metal cutting methods. A laser machine forms a concentrated beam of light at a very high temperature, which operators then apply to the metal.

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They use this beam for precise cuts and creating curves, shapes, and edges in the material. Sometimes these machines have automation functions and don’t require operators. This automation helps them make even more accurate cuts.

This has been a look at the various metal cutting methods and their uses. Different metal fabrication businesses use different methods based on their applications and the materials they work with.

If you want to start cutting metal in-house, these are the different tools you might need. Metal cutting has many applications, and it can break down materials, speed up manufacturing, and more.

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